Ted Cruz Has Some Bad News For Those ‘Give Them Space To Destroy’ Politicians

Written by Wes Walker on July 3, 2020

If you’re going to stand back and let lawless mobs trample the rights of citizens you were elected to defend, you should pay a price for that decision, right?

Ted Cruz sure would think so.

What supposedly began as natural outrage spilling over from one man’s wrongful death at the hands of a police officer (does anyone still remember George Floyd) has long since been transformed into a violent political movement backed by deep pockets and a very damaging ideology.

We’ve seen panicked citizens call 9-1-1 only to learn they are on their own in the face of angry mobs climbing on their cars, breaking into their businesses, or even busting a fence to flood into a private street with unknown intent. We saw those viral photos of the homeowners in St. Louis: 2A MATTERS: St. Louis Couple Defend Their Home From Protesters Trespassing In Their Gated Community (VIDEO)

Adding insult to injury, the same homeowners who got no help when they called authorities for help may now face criminal charges for defending their property from a mob of trespassers whose intentions and level of hostility were very unclear.

In extreme cases, we have seen people killed by these lawless groups who don’t even have the decency to allow emergency services to show up and try to save the lives of victims of violence on their ‘occupied’ turf.

It’s time that the people elected to defend the public peace stop looking the other way when they fear retribution or agree with the politics of such lawless groups.

Ted Cruz may have come up with a way to make them care.

“Sen. Cruz believes that government officials’ first responsibility is to protect the American people. We’ve seen violent rioters take to the streets in Minneapolis, New York City, and Seattle – where they’ve burned businesses and communities to the ground, toppled and defaced statues, and taken the lives of their fellow citizens,” added the Cruz spokesperson.

“Officials in these Democrat-run states are not exempt from that important duty, and they need to be held accountable for the destruction that has been allowed to occur.”

…“I can tell you right now I’m working on legislation to make that very explicit and to give people the right to sue any municipality that pulls back police protection,” Cruz said Wednesday on the “The Joe Pags Show.” “That it is the fundamental responsibility of government to keep us safe, and if you have a politician who’s so busy virtue signaling to the mob that they’re not willing to protect the citizens.” — DailyCaller