WATCH: Hannity’s Show Features Family Of Murdered Year-Old Boy

Written by Wes Walker on July 14, 2020

There has been an inexcusable rise in crime in major cities in the last few weeks. And if Leftist get their policing demands met, the crime wave will only get worse.

However high-minded these Leftist idealists may think themselves to be, real people are paying a real price. Too often, that price is paid in blood.

Like the blood of this adorable little boy, 2 months shy of his second birthday.

Dad was already planning to get him out of the city sooner rather than later because he was worried about him growing up around such violence.

He seems like he was a good and devoted father, in a time when such men are harder and harder to find.

But what dad — however devoted — would in his most horrific fever dreams would imagine some hothead would put a bullet in a toddler? That toddler was minding his own business in his stroller at the time.

Inexplicably, that’s exactly what happened. And it was a drive-by shooting no less. A wanton disrespect for life. Murder for its own sake.

Far from being a racist trope, this dad and the toddler’s grandmother together made the obvious point that in a time when so many people are clamoring over the deaths of a handful of adults who were killed in adult situations, that nobody seems to notice or care about the bodies of teens — and even small children — that have been stacking up like cordwood in the time since the riots started?

It’s pretty ironic to chant ‘say their names’ about these cases, some of them years old — while folks like Don Lemon deliberately downplay the significance of children killed in situations like these ones.

It’s almost as though some of these deaths serve some sort of a political purpose while others undermine it, isn’t it?