Women Claim Masks Are Allowing Men To ‘Aggressively Stare’ While ‘Hiding Behind Anonymity’–No, This Is Not Satire

Written by Wes Walker on July 30, 2020

Cities across America have seen a sharp rise in violent crime and murder. So what violent act has Leftists alarmed? They are worried about ‘hard stares’ from strange men.

Toddlers are shot dead in drive-by shootings?

Ho-hum. But did you notice how long that guy in the mask LOOKED at me?

There is just NO pleasing some people.

After the panic they have been stoking resulted in an uptick in public mask-wearing (despite legal disclaimers on many of those same masks saying they offer no protection against Coronovirus), the left has come up with a NEW problem to be offended about.

Women across the country are reporting a rise in ‘aggressive eye contact’ since the introduction of face coverings in some public places.

New laws introduced over the weekend force customers to wear face masks in all shops, stations, banks and post offices, while it is also mandatory to wear coverings on public transport.

But many women have been sharing stories online of ‘aggressive eye contact’ and ‘hard staring’ from men wearing masks, with one tweeting: ‘Grown men staring at you with a mask on is worse than when they don’t have a mask.’

…One person commented: ‘Does anybody else feel like men are way more aggressively demanding eye contact in public since we all started wearing masks?

‘So much hard staring happening. And I can’t diffuse the attention by smiling like women are conditioned to do. It’s weird.’

Another wrote: ‘Seriously, we all are wearing masks and some men still keep staring. WTF is wrong?’ — DailyMail

This article was written in the UK but doesn’t mean overly-sensitive souls here wouldn’t be echoing the same sentiment. Leftists on either side of the Atlantic usually mirror each other pretty well.

So which is it?

Are you GLAD you compelled perfect strangers to wear masks whose efficacy are dubious at best? Or are you upset that the anonymity you just gave them give them license to be more blatant with their less socially acceptable behaviors?

The problem isn’t the person, it’s the anonymity.

These men are the same people they always were, but as we have seen with Antifa, people act differently when their face is connected to their behavior and they are likely to pay either a legal price or a social one for actions of which society disapproves.

YOU are the ones who have insisted strangers cover their faces. Now they have no incentive to curb their boorish, leering behavior. And you don’t like seeing who they are now that anonymity has removed their inhibitions.

In a culture where these same feminists celebrate abortion, porn, the so-called ‘sex trade’, and random hookups with less emotional connection than a handshake, this is the world you’ve been cultivating.

Then again, you’re caught either way, aren’t you?

You have long since forfeited any right to bitch about the unintended consequences.

The perpetually-offended will always have SOMETHING setting them off.

It’s best just to ignore such people and get on with our lives.