WTF, EH? Canadian Newspapers Post ‘Trigger Warning’ Along With Flag For Canada Day

Written by Wes Walker on July 1, 2020

Did you really believe national self-loathing was a purely American pastime? Canada has got it down to a science. They even apologize for ‘celebrating’ Canada’s 153rd birthday.

There was a time when they called it ‘Dominion Day’ and not ‘Canada Day’ (as in ‘Dominion of Canada’) but most Canucks have forgotten enough of their national history to be oblivious to that. It’s a little like the folks who are doing their best to forget that the Fourth of July was actually connected to a historical event of some sort.

It may have involved muskets, as I recall.

When Canada Day (July 1) was drawing near, newspapers there traditionally include a tepid show of patriotism. They print a Canadian Flag on one of their pages or possibly add one as an insert.

But in these days of Western Civ’s massive rituals of self-flagellation, that is now ‘offensive’ to the Wokescolds. So they have to run a little message with it.

One newspaper is now under fire though for providing a cut-out flag, but doing so with caveats attached.

This past weekend’s copy of The Chronicle Herald, a newspaper based out of Nova Scotia, offered their own cut-out of the flag within their pages. But they did so with something of a trigger warning running along the front page.

“Inside today’s edition, on page A9, you’ll find a Canadian flag to clip and post to help celebrate July 1. We understand the flag doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, however, we hope our readers recognize their ability to play a role in shaping Canada’s future is a freedom worth acknowledging.” — TheSun

The opinion writer (one of the few right-of-center guys still standing there) blasted them for being so gutless.

He makes a few points more relevant to Canadian readers than ours before concluding with a point that should hit our American readers dead center:

It’s sad that a national holiday that should be unifying is becoming as needlessly divisive as so much else in public life right now. It ought to be a time to focus on the positives, when Canadians of all walks of life gather together to smile, cheer and wave the flag.

Instead, that flag now comes with a disclaimer.

Isn’t that precisely what the Left has done by choosing our very national symbols as the symbol of their grievances?

Kneeling during the national anthem?

Burning the Stars and Stripes?

Defacing or toppling monuments to the accomplishments of Washington and Lincoln?

These are the very things that were supposed to invoke in us an awareness of being part of a greater whole, taking us beyond our daily individualism and reforging us anew into ‘We The People’. The principle of Out of Many, ONE.

When we allow our unifying symbols of hope to be poisoned against us, what have we left upon which to build a tomorrow together?