Antifa Looters Turn Tail When Crips Run Them Out Of Long Beach

Written by Wes Walker on July 1, 2020

In case 2020 wasn’t weird enough for you already.

*** update ***

A longer version of this video has now turned up. Tough guys DID drive out the local looters. The original claim that the good guys in this story, driving out the looters were gang-affiliated is now being contested.

We’ll include the longer clip challenging that assertion here, for context:

Whether they were local residents standing up and doing the right thing, or gang-bangers throwing these skinny punks out of town, the big takeaway is the same.

When someone actually stands up to these losers, and strips them of the power of their anonymous wolfpack, they throw in the towel.

*** end update ***

In Seattle, we have seen Law Enforcement given a stand-down order to cede part of their city to lawless and violent agitators… with the blessing of their own mayors.

In Long Beach, meanwhile, we are seeing Organized Crime is frog-marching the same gutless skinny-jeans-wearing masked agitators right out of their turf… while being very politely apologized to by the same ‘tough guys’ who think nothing of throwing bricks through store windows, or at cops’ heads.

It’s hilarious. At least it would be if it didn’t remind us all how useless State and local officials have been in dealing with these lawless outbursts of violence.

These ‘peaceful protesters’ can’t handle a fair fight.

They use weapons against law-abiding civilians and law enforcement who are regulated by rules and laws… who wouldn’t club them with a skateboard, or with a bike lock, or even curb-stomp someone into unconsciousness. Not even if they did have a 20:1 numerical advantage like these skinny punks like to have.

They know cops are restricted by their use-of-force directives. So they can get cocky.

But when the are facing real-world tough guys with even less regard for social mores than they have? They turn tail and run. Because they aren’t really tough guys. They are just LARPing, playacting, as tough guys.

When facing down the real thing, they panic.

Because they wouldn’t know real masculinity if it slapped them across the face.

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