WTF Happened To Don Lemon? Unearthed 2013 Video Shows CNN Host Giving Solid Advice To The Black Community

Written by K. Walker on July 9, 2020

You can bet that 2020 Don Lemon would talk right over 2013 Don Lemon and refuse to have him back on his show.

Does this massive transformation reveal that being exposed to CNN day after day after day makes you stupid?


Or maybe it has to do with those 9 am meetings with Zucker where everyone gets the ideological marching orders of the day.

Either way, the way he deflects from any reference to the breakdown of the family today looks NOTHING like the way he spoke about that same topic a few short years ago. He’s practically talking like a Republican here.

What changed?

Oh, and in case anyone notices the way it was condensed for time wants to blurt out ‘It was dOcToReD, we’ve got the longer cut of that same video.

LANGUAGE WARNING for the full clip below–Lemon drops the n-bomb a couple of times.

Hard to believe he’s even the same guy, isn’t it?

Does he no longer believe the same things about what’s good for the lives of folks in the inner city? Or is he simply lying to protect the party line?

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