Antifa Tinkerpots In Portland Are Now Harassing Older Women (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on August 7, 2020

One woman had paint thrown on her the other had a “protester” smash a paint can against the barricade next to her.

All this for standing against the destruction that has been ongoing for more than 70 nights. On Wednesday night, Portland Police declared a riot outside of their east precinct. On Thursday night, police called it an “unlawful assembly” and made arrests including one individual with a loaded handgun.

It seems that there are some residents of Portland that have had enough of the lawlessness and they’re doing their part to make it stop.

One older woman was screamed at and splashed with paint when she tried to stop the nightly vandalism of the Portland Police east precinct. She was told, “This isn’t your world anymore.” It’s hard to hear what’s being said in the video, but at one point, the woman tells the crowd that members of her generation “died for you.” That seemed to hit a nerve as one rioter in a gas mask gets right up in her face and starts yelling at her. Someone in the crowd then yells, “Put your mask on, b*tch.”

In a separate incident, the rioters set fire to a trash can outside of same east precinct. An elderly woman with a walker which had a BLM sign on it tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. One of those awful “All Cops Are Bastards” people got in her way and tried to stop her while the person filming mocked the woman.

In another clip, the same woman is trying to stop a rioter using a can of paint to smash the barricade in front of the police precinct by saying that perhaps vandalism isn’t the answer. (Shocking, I know.) The rioter is unsympathetic and says, “Oh, I’m sorry, killing everyone ’cause that’s a better way?”

Harassing old women. How nice.

This comes hot on the heels of two nights of visits to a woman’s home because she was seen sporting a Nazi armband. I don’t comprehend how anyone could wear something like that even as a sick joke, but that doesn’t mean that you should try to blind her with lasers and vandalize her home. The social media fame of having several videos of her wearing a Nazi armband should cause enough well-deserved shunning that the criminal stuff shouldn’t be necessary.

But really, these rioters aren’t content with attacking buildings that can’t fight back they’re now going after grandmas with walkers? Pathetic.

Besides, these punks don’t know who it is that they’re targetting–grandma could be their downfall.

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