Atilis Gym: Owners Kick In The Boarded-Up Door, Reopen The Gym

Written by Wes Walker on August 3, 2020

These guys are unstoppable. It’s their gym and some tinpot dictator collecting HIS paycheck through the shutdown is NOT going to tell them what to do about it.

So let’s recap.

A month or two ago, we told the story about Atilis Gym reopening in defiance of the shutdown order because they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

They did everything by the book at first — including social distancing, thoroughly cleaning the workout stations every hour. It was very professional.

But the governor didn’t like it and opposed them at every step.

The gym owners got creative in how they were doing end-runs around one government edict after another.

They removed their door.

They had workout equipment set up outside in their parking lot.

It was pretty epic, really.

A few days ago, they were arrested. It was way over the top. K-9 units and the whole deal. You’d think they were raiding Manafort’s home or something.

On Saturday, they walked right back up to their gym and took charge of the place.


Who’s gym?

THEIR gym!

These guys are fricken’ heroes.

In one New Jersey gym, at least, the spark of freedom is still burning brightly.

They aren’t merely interested in requesting their rights — they are doing much more.

They are claiming and exerting them… the birthright of any Native-Born Son or Daughter of America.

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