AUSTIN TEXAS: Antifa Tinkerpots Play Chicken With Mounted Cops… That Was A Mistake

Written by Wes Walker on August 3, 2020

Their chant of ‘Whose streets? Our Streets!’ was cut short by a healthy dose of reality.

‘Film everything!’ someone shrieked.

We’re glad we did. Because it let us watch, in real time, these little schmucks learning lessons that the rest of us already knew from history and physics.

History could have told them that an unarmed formation of individuals on foot doesn’t EVER stand a chance against individuals on horseback.

In fact, history could have told them that even most ARMED formations of individuals don’t do much better against them. It’s one of the reasons why armies liked to use cavalry units as a force multiplier.

Even if they had flunked out of history, you might think that physics could come to the rescue.

It’s a simple question of mass differential. The horse will go wherever the hell it wants to go, because an person hasn’t got enough mass to tell it differently.

But however educated these knuckleheads might like to consider themselves, none of their lesbian interpretive dance theory classes even BEGAN to prepare them for what happened when law enforcement showed up on horseback.

It’s some funny stuff.


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