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Biden And His Bootlickers Are Recycling That ‘Fine People Hoax’ — We Put Them On BLAST

It’s the lie upon which Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign. And it’s raising its head again. Time to give it the beatdown it so richly deserves.

If it comes to going head-to-head in a fair fight with Trump comparing his track record against the President’s, Biden doesn’t stand a chance. And he knows it.

The Democrats are going back to the well with a tried-and-true tactic they have been trotting out for years. Like Tonya Harding in that sports story from so long ago, they would rather injure their opponent through dirty tricks instead of facing him in a fair fight.

In 1994, [Harding] earned notoriety when ex-husband Jeff Gillooly hired a hitman to assault skater Nancy Kerrigan at the Olympic trials. Harding pleaded guilty to hindering the investigation into Kerrigan’s attack, and was subsequently banned from competing in the U.S. for life. —Biography

The difference is this: Instead of some hired muscle from the street, the hitman in THIS story is the supposedly ‘free’ Press.

Biden is desperate to have the American public believe that Trump personally hates racial minorities. His entire campaign depends on it. Why? Because, if the lock Democrats have on the minority vote slips even a little, the Democrats lose their stranglehold on the urban voting districts. Then they stand to lose big. Everywhere.

They know this.

But until the day that Trump came down that escalator, nobody seriously considered Trump a bigot. In fact, the only claims of Trump being a racial bigot either originate AFTER the day he announced his Presidential bid or involve a re-thinking of historical events that originated AFTER he announced he would be running as a Republican.

That is why the Democrats NEED to give their base reasons to distrust, fear, or even hate the President. What better way than to look for ways to connect him to one of the most universally hated groups in the country — the KKK?

So we see that they have a MOTIVE to lie about this.

What lie do they keep coming back to? Charlottesville.

Team Biden is once again pushing that ‘fine people’ hoax…

And the bootlicking media are backing him up by pretending not to know that, IN THAT VERY MEETING, Trump explicitly denounced the racists, criminals, and troublemakers at the event. We know it’s a lie because they intentionally leave this part out:

Trump denounced the violent bigots whether they were the kind that prefers to engage in their hatred while wearing white robes or black block gear.

Here’s bootlicking Jim Acosta — who is strangely incurious about a leading FBI lawyer pleading guilty to falsifying the information upon which the entire Russian Collusion witch hunt was predicated — pushing the ‘very fine people’ narrative.

Acosta doesn’t care about the content of the video itself. He just cares about that out-of-context quote being weaponized against a politician and political party he personally hates.

His aim is to inject the phrase ‘very fine people’ into the presidential race. Why? Because he is a corrupt, bootlicking hack who cares more about his paycheck and his political objectives than he does about the facts.

Here is the actual video that Jimbo tweeted out:

Notice how carefully Trump defined his terms — despite all of the haranguing and interrupting he is getting from the hostile press — to specifically denounce the white supremacist faction as well as the bogus protesters who showed up with helmets and batons.

The ‘on both sides’ was explicitly a reference to activists being on either side of the political question of whether the statue should remain or be removed.

Whichever side of that Confederate statue question you were on, some demonstrators behaved themselves according to the First Amendment provisions, and some — this was true of people on either side of the issue — had ZERO interest in protesting peacefully. They came for a fight and were hellbent on getting one.

Jim Acosta cannot plead ignorance the truth of Trump’s context in this question for a very simple reason. Trump was answering HIS question.

Jim wants this quote to be permanently tattooed to Trump’s forehead because this petty little glory-hound wants the credit for taking down Trump. He isn’t a journalist, he is the journalistic equivalent of the guy who busted Nancy Kerrigan’s knee.

If you want to know just how dishonest they are being here in turning a deliberate blind eye to the ‘Black Block’-style provocateurs who showed up with helmets, shields and weapons to (literally!) inflame tensions in Charlottesville that day, you need look no further than their coverage of the riots in Seattle, Portland, and NYC.

The same press who won’t admit that there are violent thugs in the ‘peaceful’ George Floyd protests also won’t admit that the non-violent ordinary people who registered their demonstration in that park might have some perfectly mundane reasons to oppose removing statues in Charlottesville having literally nothing to do with the reasons the KKK would oppose them.

We have debunked this lie before, in depth, from different angles.

You can see for yourself:

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Speaking of bigots and very fine people, could Biden please explain himself in this video?

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But maliciously deceptive editing is nothing new for the hacks at CNN:

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Wes Walker

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