The FINAL LOCKDOWN – Here’s 6 Dire Predictions From Widely Read Blogger

Published on August 15, 2020

The language and imagery on his list are intentionally provocative. The real question is what to do with his predictions. Should we take them as the warnings of a prophet, the ramblings of a madman or something in between?

Mike Adams who dubbed Health Ranger to distinguish himself from all the other Mike Adamses in the world — writes for a website called Natural News.

He’s no fly-by-night outfit. Here’s his bio.

His latest warning, however seems a bit extreme. Is that because he’s wrong, or because we live in an insane world? Read futher and decide for yourself.

The dire events that he warns us about are almost apocalyptic in scope, and they speak about grand designs of big players. But at least some of what he is saying has been echoed elsewhere. In particular, his reference to the ‘Great Reset’ which was also referenced on a podcast we occasionally cite here at ClashDaily, and it is a recurring topic on the Glen Beck radio show. Justin Haskins wrote about it with citations from links to actual World Economic Forum source documents.

In that detail, at least, Adams is not a lone voice.

The pictures he paints with his other points are more shocking than that. Our readers can decide for themselves what to do with the claims he made in this recent post:

The things he describes here can — he believes — be stopped if Trump and sufficient anti-globalist elected officials are sent to Washington to stop this from unfolding.

1) Measles Outbreak at Disney was staged by Big Pharma to advance legislation (California’s SB 277 vaccine mandate law)

2) COVID is being used to develop a database that he calls the ‘Kill List Database’.

What does that mean?

Every person who has signed up to be tested for covid-19 — or who runs a contact tracing app on their mobile device — is being funneled into a government database that will soon be used to hunt people down for forced vaccinations. What the Democrats want is armed vaccination teams going from private home to private home, forcing people to be vaccinated at gunpoint, or kidnapping them and taking them to FEMA-like “quarantine camps” for processing. (In reality, they are being taken to death camps for executions, see below…)

3) The tests themselves may have been used to spread the virus.

There’s also credible evidence that some of the covid-19 test swabs have already been inoculated with the virus itself in order to spread the outbreak. They are spreading it on purpose, just like they did in Disneyland. Yes, the virus is real, and they have weaponized it against humanity. We know how to beat the virus now, using things like green tea and zinc, but the virus is very real and quite deadly to people who are nutritionally deficient and immune suppressed.

Still, the masses of the world do not yet realize what’s coming. As usual, they awakened too late to the horrors that they ignored for too long. They let Big Tech, Big Media and Big (left-wing) Government gain too much power, to the point where the institutions are now the enemies of humanity.

4) The vaccine will (he claims) be dangerous… intentionally

And so the ignorant, clueless masses will be systematically culled if the Democrats and globalists get their way. They will be lined up and forcibly injected with “vaccines” that are little more than kill shots, engineered with mRNA strands to turn your body into its own suicide bomb (autoimmune disorders). They will obediently line up at food banks where vaccinations are required to receive free food, and they will take the shot (mark of the beast) in exchange for a bag of toxic, processed food that’s laced with deadly pesticides and herbicides (because the food supply has long been a primary vector of killing humanity).

The Great Reset is an orchestrated plan to render major economies insolvent so that global economies can be ‘rebalanced’ according to a blueprint put forward by the uppermost tier of global power players.

Rendering the American economy insolvent is but one part of that grand plan. And have you noticed our spending patterns lately?

5) All of this plays a role in the Great Reset, which will be a dystopic Mathusian nightmare.

In an article published on the World Economic Forum’s website, WEF founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab said “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

What you need to understand is that the globalists have now decided to eliminate the “useless eaters” of the world, which in their view is about 90% of the global population. They are going for the stupid people first: The ones who line up to be injected with vaccines that are obviously engineered to destroy lives rather than protect them.

Governments have now come to realize that they cannot remain financially solvent for much longer if they need to keep paying pensions, entitlement benefits, food stamps and other payout obligations to large masses of people who offer zero contributions to society. The United States of America is now over $26 trillion in debt, and it’s adding nearly a trillion dollars a month right now. This can only end in catastrophe.

6) There will be an engineered global famine due to the engineered collapse of supply chains

You can go to his website to see the full scope of the threat as he sees it, and what could be done about it.

What do our readers think about this warning?

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