Every Craven COVID Pastor Needs To Hear This Podcast

Written by Doug Giles on August 13, 2020

They’re slinging government mandates. We’re bringing a divine mandate. It’s time to make your choice, little Christian.

So, what’s it going to be? Will you go along to get along?

Or will you sack up and step into the grand tradition of that multitude of witnesses who stood their ground, even if it cost them their ego, their property, their freedom, or even their life?

Whose orders are you marching to?

But maybe you’re the guy who thinks discretion is the better part of valor, that it’s better to live to fight another day. Doesn’t that make you the smart one?


If that’s you, You are EXACTLY the person who will want to hear this message.

If you’ve got the guts for it.

But be forewarned. Once you’ve listened to it, it will cost you something.

You won’t be able to play that ignorance card in your defense anymore if you happen to run when you should be taking a stand.

For those of you who have the guts to join us? Enjoy the show!

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