WATCH: Terrifying Moment When 75-Yr Old Woman Loses Control Of SUV And Plows Through An Emergency Room

Written by Wes Walker on August 13, 2020

Driving to the hospital to see your doctor is normally a pretty ordinary task. Unless it goes horribly, horribly wrong… like it did in Atlanta.

Horribly wrong, in this case, involves one fatality as well as four people injured.

The hospital surveillance video captures the whole thing from three different angles. The first one is a wide-angle of the entire parking lot. (You’ll want to watch the upper left corner where the silver car is approaching the red one.)

The second is video of the emergency room entrance itself.

And finally, there is video of the panic inside when the car bursts through the wall.

When this car went out of control, it did so like a runaway train. This is no little ‘tap’ of a window.

Mary Clayton was on her way to an early morning doctor’s appointment at Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital when her Mercedes-Benz SUV punched through another car, pushing it out of the way before crashing into the building and through the emergency room wall.

Fifty-five-year-old Kimberly Hall was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two of the workers narrowly avoid being struck by the car by a matter of feet. Another angle shows that two other staff were not so fortunate, with one woman – Kailyn Bailey – sent hurtling into a door and a second left motionless on the floor.

A number of other bystanders were ‘bumped’ by the vehicle, police said, but escaped serious injury.

When Clayton’s car finally comes to a rest, bystanders are seen racing to administer aid to the injured.

Bailey who survived the crash held a press conference Tuesday to talk about the severe injuries she sustained, including a broken pelvis, a broken tailbone and two shattered hips.

The 29-year-old, who said she’s considering filing a lawsuit, was only recently released from hospital having spent weeks learning how to walk again.

‘I remember running from the red SUV,’ recalled Bailey to WSBTV. ‘Once I got up to run into the entrance of the hospital, that is when Mrs. Clayton gunned and hit me on the right side. —DailyMail

There were no charges pressed against the driver as yet, nor was she found to have had drugs or alcohol in her system. The police report found that it was ‘not a deliberate act’.

When reporters pressed the matter, police said that an investigation was ‘ongoing’.