FAKE NEWS: Media(D) Says Melania ‘Repeatedly Refuses’ To Hold Trump’s Hand–Here’s The REST Of The Video

Written by K. Walker on August 18, 2020

The Media(D) loves Melania…when they can use her to bash President Trump.

Otherwise, they bash her or do their best to just ignore her.

This is nothing new.

There is always some speculation from nutty #Resistance conspiracy theorists that believe that Melania is being held hostage in a cold, loveless marriage. These are the same people, by the way, that get angry if you suggest that Bill and Hillary remained married after his very public infidelity with Monica Lewinsky in order for Hillary’s chance to run for Senate and then President.

If Melania was the wife of a Democrat, she would be on the cover of every fashion magazine and would be praised for her work as First Lady. Instead, they nitpick what she wears, speculate that she’d rather be hooking up with the Prime Minister of Canada, and spread insane rumors that she may have left the President and the White House is refusing to admit it.

The latest controversy was that Melania allegedly pulled away from President Trump as he reached for her hand.

President Trump and Melania were stepping off of Air Force One after returning to Washington from their weekend in New Jersey. President Trump reached over to take his wife’s hand several times, but she appeared to pull her hand away. The media went absolutely nuts calling this proof-positive that Melania hates Trump.

The latest frosty encounter took place on Sunday evening when the president and first lady arrived at Joint Base Andrews in Washington DC after spending the weekend in New Jersey.

As the couple descended the steps of Air Force One with son Barron in tow, Donald reached over to grasp Melania’s hand, which she quickly pulled away.

The president then reached out again, but Melania kept her hand away, tucked tightly against her skirt.

Video of the incident went viral on Twitter as dozens of viewers joked that the first lady couldn’t bear the thought of touching her husband.

Source: Daily Mail

Here is one of the videos being shared to push this stupid conspiracy theory.

The National Post, a Canadian newspaper, included that Palmer Report video in an article titled, “Melania Trump twice refuses to take Donald’s hand in awkward Air Force One clip.”

The Daily Mail ran a similar story with the headline, “‘She’s social distancing!’ Melania repeatedly refuses to hold Trump’s hand in frosty exchange as they arrive in DC – sparking mockery on Twitter.”

Except…that wasn’t the whole story.

The Hill posted the same video but it was a longer clip and check out what happens….

It was windy and Melania, with her hair whipping in front of her face, was wearing her signature stilettos. As she descended the stairs, she held the railing with her right hand and moved her left hand, which was holding her purse, to keep her skirt from billowing up around her while the cameras were rolling. Later, once they reach the tarmac, Melania switches her purse to her right hand and holds Trump’s hand with her left.

Did this little inconvenient truth stop the Media(D)?

Nope. Fake news gonna fake news.

But then, do you expect anything less from the bottom-feeding, horrendously biased Media(D) that is constantly kowtowing to the left?

Me neither.

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