GOODYEAR: POTUS Weighs In After Company Clothing Policy Sparks Outrage

Written by Wes Walker on August 20, 2020

When word spread that Leftist causes were A-OK but politically conservative ones were not, reactions were fierce. Here’s what happened.

Word spread on social media that Goodyear had specific guidance on what is and is not acceptable political speech at work.

So long as you’re flying your rainbow flag or sporting some kind of BLM gear, you’re golden.

But if HR ever hears about a staffer wearing Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, or MAGA gear, Heaven help you.

There are three parts to this story.

The claim, the reaction, and the company response.

The Claim

…a local news station in Kansas shared a slide of a presentation captured by an employee at a plant in Topeka. The slide, reportedly taken from a diversity training session, showed a list of acceptable and unacceptable phrases under Goodyear’s “zero-tolerance policy.”

The slide listed “Black Lives Matter” and “LGBT” under acceptable phrases, while the Trump slogan “Make America Great Again” and the pro-police slogan “Blue Lives Matter” were listed under unacceptable phrases.

Trump said it was “up to people” if they want to boycott Goodyear over the reported policy.

“It’s a terrible thing,” Trump said. “They’re using their power over these people. These people want to wear whatever it is that we’re talking about. I would be very much in favor if people don’t want to buy there…I think it’s disgraceful that they did this.”

Here’s the slide that triggered the controversy.

The Reaction

Conservatives naturally were pretty pissed off that a political front group founded as a Trojan Horse by three ‘Trained Marxists’ gets a special endorsement (as they bow the obligatory knee to the Rainbow Gestapo), but anyone who dares to step out of line and show support such traditional things as the police or America needs to be shunned as though they were some kind of a political bomb-thrower.

(Irony noted.)

Trump shot back on Twitter.

The Company Response

Goodyear had something to say to defend themselves. You can decide for yourself what to make of it.

Here’s a larger view of the same text:

The key takeaways they would want us to know are:

  • That slide was not officially endorsed by the corporation or the training.
  • Their policy limits support of political causes in the workplace
  • They claim that BLM and Rainbow symbols should be treated as different categories because of their association with ‘equity’ puts them in a different category.
  • They claim to appreciate and support law enforcement.

Do you buy that answer?

Is it enough?

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