Hey Patriots: Remember Their REAL Priorities And Hold Democrats Accountable In November

Written by Bill Thomas on August 12, 2020

The Democrat party, in 2020, is taking some extreme positions and, with Joe Biden’s announcement of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate, is embracing and promoting a radical left-wing agenda. They don’t hold to the traditional values that made this country what it is. They’re ashamed of America and will, if elected, remake it. The Democrats, from Biden/Harris down to the county dog catcher, must be held accountable for their destructive views.

First, the Democrats are anti-law enforcement. The Seattle Times reports, “Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best will step down in the wake of protests against police brutality, criticism over the Police Department’s response and votes by the City Council to shrink the police force and cut her wages.” The Democrat-led Seattle City Council voted Monday to reduce Seattle’s force of about 1,400 cops by up to 100.  They also voted to reduce command staff pay for the rest of the year.

Biden’s VP pick, Harris, has waffled on her support of law enforcement. In her 2010 book Smart on Crime, she advocated for more police officers on the street. “If we take a show of hands of those who would like to see more police officers on the street, mine would shoot up. A more visible and strategic police presence is a deterrent to crime, and it has a positive impact on a community.”

Now, though, under the lights of BLM, she sings a different tune. “Part of what has been upside down in policing policy in America is that we have confused having safe communities with hiring more cops on the street, as though that is the way to achieve safe communities, when in fact, the real way to achieve safe and healthy communities is to invest in those communities.”

Biden, himself, is not “backing the blue.”  Biden is for redistributing some funds from police departments.

Anyone who cares about law enforcement or supports the police has to reject the left-wing, lunacy of the Biden-Harris ticket. It is my opinion that every Democrat across the country needs to be asked if he or she supports the police.  This is a non-negotiable issue. Supporting someone (Biden-Harris and any other Democrat) that doesn’t support the police is not acceptable.

Second, the Democrats are pro-abortion. This is no surprise. They’ve always been this way, but it needs to be stressed as we stand less than 90 days away from November 3rdPlanned Parenthood is a huge supporter of the Democrat party and the leading provider of abortions in the United States.

On his campaign website, Biden promises to roll back all of President Trump’s pro-life wins and increase funding for the abortion industry. Pandering to the pro-abortion radicals, Biden pledges his devotion to the Roe v. Wade standard of abortion on demand through birth. He’s also vowed to apply a pro-abortion litmus test for Supreme Court nominees.

Harris praised Planned Parenthood and their work arguing against defunding them. “Voting to strip federal funding from an organization that provides vital health services to 2.7 million Americans is the epitome of dysfunction.” Harris, as California’s AG, went after David Daleiden who was the director of the pro-life Center for Medical Progress as they sought to report the abuses going on at Planned Parenthood. Harris has been a recipient of many Planned Parenthood donations and is far more interested in keeping that industry going than she is about finding the truth.

Attacking pro-life people who want to expose the truth is standard fare for Joe Biden’s VP selection. She advocates for “vital health services…”  I guess that means death for the baby. Every Democrat in the land should be made to answer whether he/she stands with Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand. Again, this is a non-negotiable issue.

Third, the Biden-Harris Democrats favor keeping our kids out of school and our businesses shuttered. This is their plan despite the fact that the number of deaths is 167,500 and falls far short an initial projection of 2.2 million deaths.

The COVID-19 virus is real, but one cannot help but think the shutdown/lockdown mentality may have much more to do with politics than it does with health.

It is interesting that Sen. Harris has joined with former candidate Andrew Yang to propose a $2000 a month check for each American over the course of the pandemic. Sounds great, huh? Except that someone has to pay for it. You can be certain it won’t be Kamala or Biden. You and I will pay for it.

If you are for the American economy bouncing back, our kids going to school and normalcy returning to America, then you cannot vote for Biden-Harris or any Democrat. All Democrats must be asked if they are for closing down the country while recklessly frittering taxpayer dollars.

Democrats must be held accountable.  To do that, they have to be defeated on November 3rd.  Send Joe back to the basement and Kamala back to the left coast.

Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.