Judge Rules Thousands Of Previously ‘Invalid’ Votes To Be Declared ‘Valid’

Written by Wes Walker on August 6, 2020

This could potentially open up elections to all manner of mischief.

And the judicial involvement in this election might have something to do with why Biden has 600 lawyers on stand-by for the election season. Is his team planning to use every tool — whether fair or foul — to drag Biden’s carcass across that finish line?

We have already seen postal workers charged with election interference this year. We have been watching a slow-motion train wreck with the congressional race in New York. Carolyn Maloney has been declared a winner amid a highly-contested race.

We’ve already seen the Al Gore fiasco and the drawn-out recounts in 2016. It’s the Democrats who seem to have a problem with electoral results.

We’ve also seen electoral ‘wins’ have statistically impossible voting patterns. Like greater than 100% voter turnout.

This is why this decision is rasing red flags:

A federal judge ordered election officials to count thousands of mail-in ballots throughout New York State that were declared invalid for not having a post-mark or arriving at offices shortly after the June 23 primary.

In granting the preliminary injunction Monday, Manhattan Judge Analisa Torres said the plaintiffs who brought the suit — including congressional candidate Suraj Patel and Brooklyn Assembly candidate Emily Gallagher — had proved that voters were disenfranchised and denied their constitutional rights after being encouraged to vote by absentee ballot during the coronavirus pandemic.

Torres said these arbitrarily disenfranchised voters were denied free speech, equal protection and due process due under the law.

A major problem: Thousands of ballots that had stamps pre-paid by New York State were not post-marked by the Postal Service, particularly those coming from Brooklyn voters. But most other ballots were post-marked.

If a political operative just happened to ‘acquire’ a bunch of spare ballots in a district that had about 50% turnout where one candidate was lagging behind by 1000 ballots, what would prevent activists from dropping a few hundred extra ballots in the mail the next morning to ‘help’ their candidate along?

Mail has a chain-of-custody problem. Ballots can be lost. They can be misdirected to the wrong address. They can be tampered with. They can be sent to outdated addresses (or multiple ballots to different addresses) and even to non-citizens. There is no ID validation.

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