Maryland Governor Tells County To Pound Sand, Overturns Restriction On In-Person Private Schools

Written by Wes Walker on August 5, 2020

The tug-of-war with our children drags on in Maryland. But you can score one point for the side of freedom.

The CDC, as you may recall, made it clear that they consider it of critical importance to children that in-person schooling resume, for a variety of reasons directly relating to health and wellness.

That didn’t stop county officials in Maryland from forbidding schools to reopen in person:

Local health officials in Maryland’s Montgomery County last week made the decision to keep private and parochial schools closed through October for in-person learning, arguing that having students in the classroom would present a danger to pupils and teachers as the state grapples with COVID-19. private schools from reopening. —FoxNews

The Governor was having none of it. He took direct action:

And just like that…

Their draconian overreach is over.


How terribly sad for them.