Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe Is Taking The FBI To Court Over 2A Rights

Written by Wes Walker on August 7, 2020

James O’Keefe has earned himself some serious enemies by exposing some of the worst kind of people.

Some of them — like politicians and Corporate Tech or Media Giants have serious financial and political clout. Others, like the Brick-chuckers on Team Bernie, have no regard for the law and general decency.

It makes sense that James would want a level of personal protection.

But he is being denied his right to bear arms for a reason that O’Keefe is hotly contesting.

He committed an act of journalism.

And politicians tried to make him pay for his ‘insolence’. Now that ‘false pretenses’ charge — in which he provided his own Drivers’ Licence as Identification — has landed O’Keefe on a government list wrongfully abridging his Constitutional rights.

O’Keefe is NOT taking this lying down.

He and his lawyer are going after his rights and demanding his name be removed from that list.

O’Keefe is pretty ballsy and tenacious, obviously.

But he couldn’t even hold a candle to another guy who defied the cultural expectations of his own day.

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