Rose McGowan Has Blistering Response To Dem Platitudes About Helping The Poor And Downtrodden

Written by Wes Walker on August 22, 2020

She calls herself an equal opportunity hater. With the media sweeping Democrat sins under the rug, she’s shouting them from the rooftops.

When Rose McGowan’s story about the abuse she suffered finally broke through the media Wall Of Silence™, she was hailed as a heroic young woman. But now that she has turned her guns on Democrat failures, they are trying to shut her up or shout her down.

Unfortunately for them, she’s not the kind of person who backs down easily.

It began with a tweet blasting the Democrats during their Convention. When Joe tried to point his skinny finger at Trump and call it a ‘season of darkness’, she piped up. (Perhaps it had something to do with the awful things Tara Reade has accused him of doing with his fingers.)

That was just the beginning. It was the next tweet that got everyone talking.

The fact that Kamala once said she believes Biden’s accuser and is STILL running as his Veep pick on the Democrat ticket only makes their obvious corruption more obscene.

She’s not saying this because she’s wearing a Red Hat, either. She’s saying it because it’s true.

When Alyssa Milano tried to put forward a thread of all the good things that Democrats do, she responded. And then she retweeted Tara Reade:

And then came the coup-de-grace.

The media can’t keep a lid on Democrat failures forever.