TROJAN HORSE: Bernie Admits His Faction’s REAL Plan On His ‘The Daily Show’ Appearance (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 22, 2020

Anyone who thinks Biden will lead his party into a ‘Moderate’ or ‘centrist’ position, is even more out to lunch than Joe is.

Bernie Sanders admitted on TV that he and his crowd have a two-part plan. He’s not even trying to hide it.

Step one is obvious. Bring anyone and everyone who will possibly join his crusade to topple Trump into his camp so that they can get the votes he needs to gain access to political power.

Step two? That’s the part you’d expect him to be more cagey about. But either the rise of BLM makes him think his faction is on the ascendency, or he’s old enough that he hasn’t any more ‘effs’ to give, and the old commie is taking his shot while he still can.

“The day after Biden is elected, we’re gonna have a serious debate about the future of this country. But it will be done within the framework of a Democratic society.”

Sure, Bernie. Just like China is ruled by a ‘People’s Republic’. These words can’t possibly be abused and twisted into whatever the despots in charge want them to mean at all, right?

What else did he have to say?

“What you’re seeing now is what I might call a united front of people of many different points of view. You have some honest conservatives who are saying ‘you know what, I’m a conservative, but we’ve got to get rid of this guy because he is just not what America is supposed to be about’ and you are working with Progressives. So this is what coalition politics is about.”

If you’re wondering why the Biden campaign emphasized emotion more than it does the particulars, it might be that they don’t even know the particulars yet themselves.

But Bernie thinks he does.

He’s been on TV bragging that Joe will be the most ‘Progressive’ (read: radical) President since FDR.

We may want to ask some Japanese-Americans if that’s really such a good thing.

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