Scott Adams Says This Spanish Ad Could Spell The End For Joe Biden… Is He Right?

Written by Wes Walker on August 3, 2020

Democrats, by design, are cobbling together a coalition of minority groups and claiming to represent their grievances. But are there cracks in that coalition?

Dems held a strong majority of both the black vote and the Latino vote.

But has that commitment to racial grievances backfired on them?

This ad — in Spanish — suggests that it might have done exactly that.

These Spanish-speakers aren’t happy with Joe, and with being taken for granted.

And whether that means staying home on election day, or pulling a lever for Trump, this spells bad news for Biden.

This is especially true if Charlemagne Tha God isn’t satisfied by Joe’s capitulation to black voter’s concerns, and gives Joe a Hard Pass.

It doesn’t take a very big shift in numbers to create a big change in voter outcomes… particularly in the big cities.

We’re going to be watching this trend carefully.

You may wish to do the same.