WATCH: Chris Wallace Carries Water For Leftist Talking Points… Dishonest Dems Run With It

Written by Wes Walker on August 3, 2020

Naturally, anyone who actually WATCHES the clip will see how exactly it is they are lying. But don’t let THAT get in the way of the narrative they are trying to build.

Chris Wallace clearly is NOT a fan of Trump. He was very sympathetic to Schiff, Nadler and the other malcontents in the farcical impeachment proceedings, and appeared to THIS writer to be operating with a presumption of guilt against Trump, despite some of these same players having embarrassed themselves utterly in the unending and unfounded accusations of Russian Collusion.

His interview with Trump strained the limits of other Fox employees’ contractual obligations to refrain from attacking a co-worker to the absolute limit… Mark Levin chief among them.

And now, he is still assuming the worst about Trump in asking a question three times, one that Biden is unlikely to face even once.

What is that question?

The question was whether they would ‘accept foreign help’ in the election.

The DNC Warroom attempted to weaponize it.

There’s just one problem with that…

He DID answer the question. Three times. Here’s the context

He ALSO put it in the wider context, about exactly WHICH party he should be questioning about ‘foreign collusion’.

Or does Chris Wallace not know about the ‘Black Dossier’ — which was a document containing false and fully discredited allegations, originating in Ukraine, that directly resulted in Trump’s campaign manager stepping down or being dismissed. That single act of sabotage could have directly changed the outcome of the election.

It was not, obviously, the ONLY act of illicit sabotage (foreign or domestic) the left orchestrated against the Trump team.

But Wallace doesn’t seem to be taking any notice of that sort of information, does he?