STILL WINNING: Trump Upstages DNC Snorefest With This BIG Symbolic Pardon

Written by Wes Walker on August 19, 2020

The Democrats aren’t even trying to hide that they are pulling out every dirty trick in the book. But when THEY went low, Trump went HIGH.

This symbolic gesture

The Democrats are working very hard to cook up a narrative that Trump wants to cheat his way through the next election.

This, of course, is a deflection.

It serves to distract from their own handiwork — both in the criminal interference with the Trump administration by top-tier Obama-Biden officials and in their plans to scheme their way into power through dirty tricks if they can’t win legitimately. (Between the 600 election lawyers the DNC has hired and their fight to keep voter rolls bloated and unaccountable, there is enough latitude for chicanery that it could make Broward County Florida look like a well-oiled machine by comparison.)

Their tactic also puts Trump on the defensive. The media machine cranks up accusations that he has to deflect and disprove. During the Republican Convention, Pelosi will be playing political games by calling an ‘urgent’ meeting of Congress to deal with the ‘Constitutional crisis’ of Mass Mailings and the Post Office.

None of this is a coincidence. The left WANTS the public to think that Trump is somehow trying to cheat the public out of their right to vote.

That orchestrated narrative he’s fighting against is what makes Trump’s gesture here so elegant.

Here is his speech in its entirety.

And one brief segment of it.

Trump signaled his support and celebration of the hard-fought right to vote and showed his support (on the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment!) by formally issuing a posthumous pardon of Susan B Anthony.

This reframes Trump as someone who celebrates the vote of the individual citizen and the place of honor that voting has among our civic institutions and traditions.

It will give a backdrop against which Trump can push back on the Democrats’ push to make voting MORE complicated and less transparent, more vulnerable to corruption, and could ultimately cause the public to have less confidence in the authenticity of a final result.

If you thought the Democrats handled losses in 2000 and 2016 badly, just wait until we see their response if Trump gets another mandate in November. You can expect that HELL will break loose.

And no matter who wins, you can expect a long and drawn-out recount to put the entire process into disrepute.

Many of our readers will be too young to remember ‘selected not elected’. But you can be sure that if Trump wins again, the Democrats will be trotting out THAT old lie in their next batch of resistance.