The Nationwide Poll we Believe- You Must Protect Yourself

Written by Rob Morse on August 21, 2020

Pollsters call me and ask me leading questions. More than ever, I refuse to answer. I leave them guessing because this is an election year. I don’t want to be targeted by political advertisements from now until the election. In contrast, there is a massive public poll that I do believe. This poll takes hours to answer and the participants actually have to pay to register their vote. The results of that poll are fascinating as millions of us chose to buy a gun for the first time.

We saw BLM destroy businesses and people’s homes. Millions of us decided we don’t feel safe and that the police won’t be there to protect us. We couldn’t protect our family at home nor protect our colleagues at work. We recognized that we are our own first responder and we decided to buy a firearm for self defense.

Poll question- Can the government protect you at home or at work?

We read about convicted criminals being released from prison due to COVID. We saw armed Antifa stop traffic on the public streets and kill the motorists. Millions of us decided we don’t feel safe in public. We recognized that it is up to us to defend the people we love. Record numbers of us applied for our concealed carry permits so we could carry firearms in public.

Poll question- Can the government protect you in public?

We saw prosecutors refuse to charge looters. We saw the murder rate soar in Democrat-controlled cities. Millions of new gun owners wanted training so they could use their new tools of self-defense. At the same time that firearms trainers had record demand, they had to reduce their class sizes due to COVID restrictions. The instructors I know are so busy with private instruction that they can’t schedule their usual public classes.

This isn’t an online poll that promises instant rewards. In many Democrat-controlled states, it takes months to buy a gun. It costs hundreds of dollars as you apply for the required permits and take the required training. Millions of new gun owners invested their time to find a gun they wanted and paid the required fees to the government.

The entry fee to exercise the “right” of self-defense is time and money, and millions of new gun owners decided to pay it. I put the word “right” in quotes because the government shouldn’t be able to tax us before we exercise our human rights. Political reality says otherwise.

We came out of this poll wiser than we went in. Millions of new gun owners found out how expensive and inconvenient the government made it to be an honest gun owner. Their personal experience contradicts what the news media and Democrat politicians said. The Democrat national convention is running as I write this, and the Democrat party platform is strongly biased against honest gun owners. Both the presumed Democrat presidential candidate and the vice-presidential candidate have come out for mandatory gun confiscation. How will that play with these new gun owners, particularly the many minority women living in our inner cities?

That leads me to wonder about the next nationwide poll we will take. On the first Tuesday in November, will these new gun owners remember what they’ve learned?

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