The NFL Now Bans Players From Attending Church Services–Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on August 1, 2020

We can’t possibly be the ONLY ones noticing the irony of the NFL’s latest policy shift, and how it’s swapping one supposedly ‘draconian’ restriction for another.

When those who opposed the anthem kneeling trend tried to make the case that employees are not free to assert their private opinions in uniform on company time, do you recall what the objection was?

The objection almost always centered on the claim that the EMPLOYER had no authority to limit the personal RIGHTS of the player.

They went further than that. They argued that for the league to limit the personal rights of the player was tantamount to — you guessed it — slavery.

Hold that thought. Because that argument suddenly looks a lot different when we start talking about RELIGIOUS freedom.

A deal reached by the National Football Leauge and the NFL Players Association bans players from attending any indoor church services that are above 25 percent capacity, multiple sources told NBC Sports on Saturday.

Alongside its restrictions on attending worship services, the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) also prohibits players from attending indoor nightclubs and bars (except for take-out), indoor concerts, professional sports games, and indoor parties that include 15 or more people.

The deal has not been publicly released, but NBC Sports made no mention of any restrictions on attending protests. Meanwhile, the NFL’s Twitter account has been sharing and celebrating pictures of players engaging in protests around the country. —Federalist

They DARE not say anything about being packed tightly shoulder-to-shoulder in groups where they will chant in favor of a political change.

In fact, the league has officially ENDORSED protests:

So what happens if you tell them to pound sand? What if you decide that they don’t have any authority to tell you when and where you can worship God?

Players can be fined for violating these rules. Moreover, if they test positive after engaging in prohibited activities, they will not be paid for the games they miss. Also, future guarantees in their contracts would be voided.

It will be interesting to see how teams enforce the rules. Some may use security officials to monitor local establishments or to track the behavior of players. Others may rely on contacts within the community to contact the team if/when violations are witnessed. Some may set up an NBA-style tip line.

What might the fines look like? If other fines are any indication, they range from $5k-$70k.

One pastor had some VERY strong words for the NFL ‘Declaring War On the Church

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