The Second Travis Letter

Published on August 26, 2020

“Do you want the rule of law? Or the rule of the mob?”

Lt. Colonel Allen West, Chairman Republican Party of Texas

“Black Lives Matter has absolutely nothing to do with black lives. It’s a racist, Marxist organization. The only lives Black Lives Matter cares about are the black lives they can manipulate for political gain.”

Lt. Colonel Allen West, Chairman Republican Party of Texas

“ANTIFA is a Marxist organization, a terrorist group, a privately-funded, trained, organized insurgency that needs to be crushed. If they come to your town, get your guns

“We live in a Constitutional Republic and as such we have God-given rights that neither the government nor the mob can take away. It’s time for each and every one of you to stand up and fight for Texas.”

Lt. Colonel Allen West, Chairman Republican Party of Texas

Federal law enforcement officers permanently blinded by BLM/ANTIFA for protecting a federal courthouse, the axis of the rule of law. Citizens crippled or beaten to death for walking or driving down a public sidewalk or street. Businesses, livelihoods burned to the ground by the ANTIA and BLM mob. Police budgets “de-funded”, professional law enforcement gutted. Cities on fire. Cops told to “stand down” while hard-working, law-abiding citizens like Mark and Patty McCloskey of St. Louis face the BLM/ANTIFA mob alone. Then, in the darkest of ironies, the police are sent by the same corrupt, Marxist leadership to the McCloskey home with a warrant to confiscate the lawfully-owned firearms they used to defend their home and their lives— making a clear example out of them; don’t push back on the mob, let them kill you and burn your home to the ground, or be disarmed and face federal prison time, as they now do. Austin police funding cut by a staggering $150MM while New York uses their “SOTA” (Special One- Time Assistance) program to literally ship their homeless junkies, bums, rapists and murderers into our capital city by the thousands ( where it is now legal, thanks to our corrupted City Council of Austin, to camp “indefinitely” on public property.

This is an overt, hostile Marxist takeover attempt of Texas and America and it’s coming to your business and your home and your family next. Nobody will be spared. And Texas will face a third and terrifying threat beyond just the greatly empowered $1billion-dollar funded BLM ($50MM of which came from Texas) and ANTIFA. Texas will face the Mexican drug cartels. They are here, in Texas. They are sitting quietly, planning, arming, organizing, waiting to be allowed to go berserk, terrorize, rape and murder Texans at a level BLM and ANTIFA only dream about. If the Marxist Democrats win, the cartels will do this with impunity, as we have seen in test cities like Portland and Seattle and Chicago and Kansas City.

One politician, one American warrior and combat veteran is leading the charge to stop the ongoing, hostile takeover of Texas, displaying the leadership, experience, brains, guts and

grit to take on this deadly insurgency funded by communist ilk like George Soros and Hollywood movie stars. One man is working 7-days a week, 20-hours a day, leaving behind and putting at risk his own home and family, to save Texas and save America.

That man is Lt. Colonel Allen West (RET.), Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas— (the Chairmanship is an elected, unpaid position). Since his highly-questionable motorcycle accident, a hit-and-run on I-35 just outside the city of West, Texas, at 75-miles per hour, Colonel West has had 20-year veteran United States Navy SEALs riding shotgun with him, providing security 24/7, to empower this great American to keep saying what needs to be said, and doing what needs to be done to crush the Marxist insurgency and save Texas.

To date only one Texan, another great American, has rogered up and personally financed this entire security mission thus far. That man has lifted what for him and his family and his business has been a very heavy financial load and he has borne it with pride and selflessness that would make any Texan proud. But this financier is tapped out. The security company protecting Colonel West, owned by a 20-year Master Chief, United States Navy SEALs (RET.), will soon be over $20,000 in debt as the race to find funding to continue to protect Colonel Allen West turns critical.

Texas is the swing state per her electoral votes in November. That’s why the Marxist Left have pumped over $10MM and counting into Texas to swing the state blue. We are only nine House seats away from losing Texas. As goes Texas in the upcoming election, so goes America. As goes America, so goes the world. This is being called “the second Alamo” and that is not an overstatement.

A 501(c) for Colonel West’s security fund is being set up as you read this. We need more security funding immediately. The security team does everything in its power to stretch the budget, from sleeping on floors to washing laundry in the shower. Texas is the 10th largest economy in the world. Texas is a giant, ultra-wealthy state. Texas is energy independent. Texas boasts over 10% of all Fortune 500 companies and this percentage grows daily.

So surely there are a handful of folks out there whom have benefited financially by living in the Great State of Texas, who care enough to empower us to continue to ride shotgun alongside our warrior brother and close personal friend, Colonel Allen West, so we can continue to put ourselves in harm’s way to protect the good Colonel and his incredible family, accepting the highest levels of legal jeopardy doing so, so Colonel West can keep saying what he’s saying, doing what he’s doing, and crushing this Marxist insurgency while protecting our great Constitutional Republic.

We have rescued our wounded from battlefields worldwide. We have buried brothers and heard the ever-echoing report of the 21-gun salute ring out. We have stood the watch with great Americans like Mark and Patty McCloskey. We have hunted down and slain America’s enemies and the enemies of liberty with great enthusiasm and maximum vigor. We put our mission, Texas and America before everything. We will ride alongside our brother, Colonel Allen West, through Hell with a gas-can.

Fellow Texans, we are calling for immediate resupply on our position. We are down to our last mag and in contact. This is an urgent call for your support from the front lines of liberty. The security team needs immediate funding to continue.

Take a moment and think about how you will feel the night you and your family are “Mark and Patty McCloskey-ed”, facing a mob at your front door, a mob that is armed, wearing body armor (the things CNN doesn’t show you), screaming in your face, “We’re going to rape your wife, we’re going to kill you, then we’re going to burn your f**kin’ house down! You can’t stop this revolution!”

That’s what’s coming if Colonel West gets hit (again) and can’t continue, or, God forbid, his family gets hit. No other elected official, except President Trump himself (Secret Service budget for 2020 is $2.3 billion), is taking the fight to the enemy like Colonel Allen West is daily, hourly.

Texas, we’ve only got one Allen West.

Recently a letter arrived at Colonel West’s home reading, “You need to be silenced.” The threats on social media are skyrocketing. What will Colonel West’s future look like, and thusly the future of Texas, if the narrative goes from, as one Texas Ranger put it, “The reason BLM and ANTIFA aren’t attacking Colonel West is because he’s got Navy SEALs riding shotgun and those punks know what’ll happen,” to, “Colonel West is alone out on the highway by himself.”

Like Lt. Colonel William Travis wrote in his final dispatch from the Alamo, “…the enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise the garrison are to be put to the sword…I have answered the demand with a cannon shot & our flag still waives proudly from the walls… Victory or Death.”.

Colonel Allen West will never surrender, he will never retreat. But he cannot do this alone, my fellow Texans. He needs security, 24/7, he needs his experienced, loyal brothers-in- arms riding shotgun as he crisscrosses Texas as fast as we can ride, educating voters, educating Texans, stirring up Texans for this greatest of fights.

He needs his fellow Texans to rally, right now.

If you give a damn about your family, your home, your business, your Texas, your great Constitutional Republic, please contribute all you can, as soon as possible. If you can throw down $50, do it. If you can throw down $500,000, do it. Your money won’t be worth anything the day BLM, ANTIFA or the Mexican cartels kick your front door in. Then you’ll be on your own.

To donate reach out immediately to Lisa Hendrickson, Chief of Staff at: (469) 834-3476 or go to:

The Security Team of Colonel Allen West, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas