TRUMP VINDICATED: FBI Lawyer Pleads Guilty For Falsified Warrant In Spygate Witch-hunt

Written by K. Walker on August 14, 2020

We look forward to the profuse apologies of everyone who crowed over the indictment of Carter Page.

But don’t hold your breath. Those media talking heads played their own roles in the Russian Collusion hoax. One that Carter Page’s lawyer will be taking an interest in, to be sure. (It’s the same lawyer that represented Nick Sandmann against CNN, WaPo and others.)

The Durham Investigation turned a lot of heads last summer when they said it had enough information to shift gears into being a CRIMINAL investigation.

That investigation has taken its first legal scalp.

Obama’s media fanboys can now officially kiss the myth of that ‘scandal-free’ Obama Presidency good-bye. (Not that they’ll stop defending it anytime soon.)

A top FBI lawyer who fabricated evidence in a federal spy warrant against Trump campaign affiliate Carter Page is expected to plead guilty to federal charges brought by U.S. Attorney John Durham. Kevin Clinesmith, who is expected to admit to deliberately fabricating evidence in a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant application, used to spy on a former campaign affiliate of President Donald Trump, was a top attorney in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) and a key agency attorney under fired former FBI Director James Comey.

Clinesmith is the first individual to be charged as part of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the efforts in 2016 and 2017 to spy on the Trump campaign and Trump administration. Both Durham and Attorney General William Barr stated at the conclusion of the OIG investigation of the Page FISA warrants that they had reason to believe the entire investigation of Trump, which allegedly began in late July of 2016, was not legally predicated. Durham was tapped by Barr in May of 2019 to investigate the Russian collusion hoax and determine whether any criminal charges against those who perpetrated it were warranted.

Clinesmith’s deliberate falsification of a federal spy warrant was first revealed last December following a lengthy investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG), headed by Michael Horowitz. Horowitz and his team wrote in a 434-page report that Clinesmith — identified in the report as “OGC Attorney” — altered an email from a separate U.S. federal agency, believed to be the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), to falsely state that Page had never worked with the CIA to investigate suspected Russia agents operating within the U.S. In fact, as Clinesmith was told by the operative, Page had worked with the CIA previously, as well as with the FBI.

According to the OIG report, Clinesmith “[o]mitted Page’s prior relationship with another U.S. government agency, despite being reminded by the other agency in June 2017, prior to the filing of the final [FISA warrant] renewal application, about Page’s past status with that other agency.”

“Instead of including this information in the final renewal application,” the OIG report stated, Clinesmith “altered an email from the other agency so that the email stated that Page was ‘not a source’ for the other agency, which the FBI affiant relied upon in signing the final renewal application.” –Federalist

When Trump called the investigation against him a Witchhunt, it’s news like this that vindicates him.

The judge presiding General Flynn’s case might want to pay close attention to these developments and may want to reconsider his efforts to convict Flynn long after the DOJ has dropped their charges against him.

As a final point, why is this a promising development for those wanting the guilty parties to pay a price for what might prove to be the biggest political scandal in US history?

Because Barr promised we would begin to see developments from this investigation sooner rather than later. When pressed, he said that some results would be evident before the election, but considerations around the election calendar are not guiding the DOJ’s overall decision process in this investigation.

This is a Guilty plea, not a public instance of pressing charges.

This signals to us that Durham is most likely waiting until his case is airtight before pressing charges. This means we might not have to worry that this case is just being slow-walked like all relevant information had been right up until the day Barr took over the AG job.

The loser will have plenty of time on his hands to think about what a weasel he was. He should probably read this, and do something about that character fall:

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