WATCH: Woman Tries Get Friendly With Bison – That Was A Bad Idea

Published on August 14, 2020

This chick must have watched one too many Disney flicks. It is NEVER a good idea to assume wild animals are safe and friendly. Especially if they’re big enough to be a threat to you.

There’s a big difference between a bison and a bunny rabbit. If a bunny doesn’t like what you’re doing, it will run away. If a Bison doesn’t like what you’re doing, it will destroy you.

This is even MORE true if you’re dumb enough to approach its calf. Bison have no way to distinguish the difference between a photographer and a predator. That’s a lesson one photographer learned the hard way.

In Custer State Park in South Dakota, a sizeable herd of bison blocked a road. Because they can. They’re bigger than you, and really, what are you going to do about it, anyway?

With traffic at a dead stop, one woman thought this would be the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures.

By itself, not a bad idea, if you do it right.

NARRATOR: This woman did NOT do it right.

See for yourself what happens if you get to close to a calf in this herd.

In the animal kingdom, the man of the house often defends his own.

This chick learned that the hard way.

It could have been worse.

She lost her pants, but not her life.

Lesson learned. Just because the animals are in a state park doesn’t mean they are TAME.

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