WATCH: Allen West Has A STRONG Message For America … From The US-Mexico Border

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2020

Is there a moral argument for a strongly defended border? You bet. It’s an answer as obviously morally airtight as opposing slavery itself.

He’s back from his motorcycle accident, and as badass as ever.

Lt. Col. Allen West is a little hard to hear because of the wind.

So we’ll transcribe what he said in case you’re not able to make it out.

Hey, greetings everyone!

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

I’m out here in El Paso Texas just taking a little run around the University of Texas El Paso. Just came up a real awesome hill that runs here behind the Sun Bowl.

As you can see, the altitude is a bit different than it is in Garland, Texas, but I’ll be alright. But you look behind me, that’s Mexico.

And one of the things that we have to understand as Republicans Conservatives here in Texas, the Democratic Party, the Progressive socialist Left, they want us to have open borders.

They don’t want to prosecute anyone for illegally into the United States, they want to abolish ICE, they want to defund our police department, they want to take away your Second Amendment rights.

Texas is the Number One state in the United States of America for human and sex trafficking.

Houston and Dallas are the top two cities in number one state in America for human and sex trafficking. And yet they want our borders to be open.

I say no. I say dump the Democrats. Stand up for what is right.

Always remember… Texas GOP: We ARE the storm.