Pro-Life Students Who Chalked A DC Sidewalk Got Arrested … But Paint On A Street Is A-OK?

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2020

They added one line to the BLM slogan in CHALK… and got arrested. You can BET that that *other* cause would have been free to use paint without objection.

Black Lives Matter? You can scrawl that all day long, anywhere you like and nobody says boo… especially when the city has a leftist like DC’ does.

But add one little world and all hell breaks loose.

What word could be so dangerous?

Gasp! It wasn’t the word ‘all’ was it?

Nope. It’s still just talking about black lives.

But the word they added that upset people was ‘pre-born’.

As in Black Pre-born lives matter.

Police try to warn them away and dissuade them from chalking a public sidewalk.

It’s PUBLIC… and no damage is being done.

That said, this is an issue that the left takes SUPER-seriously.

The police threatened them that they would be arrested if they continued.

They continued anyway. They called the police’s bluff.

And whaddayaknow, they were arrested and carted off.

But the pro-life students weren’t being run off so easily.

They started a chant!


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