WATCH: CNN’s Brian Stelter Laments Right-Wing Media Picking On Biden And Says That There Is No Equivalent On The Left–No, This Is Not Satire

Written by K. Walker on August 11, 2020

To be fair to Brian, journos don’t realize that they’re in a leftwing bubble in the same way that fish don’t know that they’re wet.

CNN’s “Media Watchdog” Brian Stelter (whom I now call Tater since he blocked me on Twitter for a dumb joke about his crying, and well, because of the shape and content of his head,) doesn’t seem to realize that the entirety of the mainstream media apparatus is all overwhelmingly leftwing and vehemently anti-Trump.

The Media Research Council has reported that journalists are more liberal than the American public.

Back in 2014, Chris Cillizza (who is now with CNN,) noted in The Washington Post that only 7 percent of journalists identified as Republican which is a huge problem.

Throughout the Trump presidency, the mainstream media has been overwhelmingly negative when reporting on the administration. Newsbusters reports that 2018 saw more than 90% negative coverage of the Trump presidency on the Big Three networks. Impeachment was somehow even worse. 

But the media elites on CNN don’t think that’s even happening.

Watch Tater and his guests on his outrageously inaccurately named show Reliable Sources discuss how there is no anti-Trump media.

There is only one response to that video.

What a massive self-awareness fail! Tater literally works for a network that could be renamed–without a hint of irony–TDS because of the rampant Trump Derangement Syndrome on there 24/7. It’s like one giant REEEEEEE!!!! screech at the Trump administration from morning until night.

Republicans just aren’t people to Brian. He says that members of the Trump administration shouldn’t be “legitimized” on television.

I’ll bet Tater didn’t say a damned word about Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos becoming ABC’s chief news anchor–but Sean Spicer going on Dancing With The Stars is just too much!

But then, we all know that Tater is not exactly a Mensa candidate.

Stelter doesn’t seem to realize that his own show is just stupid hackery catering to the far-left extremely censorious and propagandist organization Media Matters that is adamant that all dissenters must be silenced. 

Look at what Brian calls “journalism”–spellchecking Trump’s tweets and solving the mystery of the (non)disappearance of the First Lady.

But just like this latest show claiming no leftwing bias, Tater lets his leftwing guests say any damned thing that they want with zero push back. He allowed angry actor Robert De Niro to drop the f-bomb when talking impeachment and another guest to compare Trump to Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

This comparison of Trump to a trio of mass murderers is immensely fascinating since the only thing that I’m aware that Trump has killed was the last shred of respectability that so many leftwing journalists were clinging to–well, except for Tater. He never actually had respectability. He’s just a hack. But I should probably stop picking on him or he’ll cry again. 

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