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WATCH: New Devastating GOP Ad Shows Biden’s Mental Decline From His 2008 VP Run

Joe Biden brags about his physical fitness and how many pushups he can do. But physical fitness won’t help much in a job whose responsibilities rely on one’s faculties of judgment.

It doesn’t really matter how much the Democrats dress him up or play down his errors as simple ‘gaffes’. The video tells its own story.

What’s worse is that some of these clips were taken from the controlled environment the Democrats have been so careful to shield their candidate in.

What would it look like if he were dealing with the rigors of campaigning and travel on top of whatever’s already going on (or NOT going on) upstairs?

THIS is who Biden is NOW, compared to who he was back then.

And just in case we need a refresher, Joe was a laughingstock even back then. Or did you think we’d all forgotten what that Robin Williams had to say about him?


Yeah, Robin Williams, that rock-ribbed right-wing icon thought he was a joke back THEN.

And poor Joe is but a shadow of his former self.

On the upside, if the Democrats are looking for a better slogan that that lame one they’ve been kicking around so far, there’s one that could do double-duty for them.

One that could describe both their Candidate AND the smoking crater they would turn the country into. “BIDEN 2020: Manage The Decline”

They oppose everything Trump stands for, right? So it’s perfect. The exact opposite of Make America Great Again.

Biden should recalibrate his thinking about what a tough guy he really is. He could start by reading up on history’s original Tough Guy.

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Wes Walker

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