WATCH: HuffPo Reporter Asks President Trump If He ‘Regrets The Lying’ To The American People For The Past 3 1/2 Years

Written by K. Walker on August 14, 2020

The White House Correspondent from The Huffington Post decided to ask the President of the United States a “Do you still beat your wife?” kind of question.

Journalists aren’t so into factual reportage these days, they’re too busy trying to become the story and push a particular narrative. Their favorite one seems to be “Orange Man Bad.”

It doesn’t even matter what the issue is–the Media(D)’s go-to is that Trump is a serial liar and “dangerous” for the country. To them, Trump has deceived the “gullible boomer rubes” in red states to vote for him.

Watch the pathetic exchange:

I love that Trump doesn’t even dignify the asinine question with an answer.

Imagine calling yourself a “journalist” when you take your opportunity to ask one question to the Leader of the Free World and ask…that.

Fake News gonna Fake News.

Look, personally, I think it’s a good thing to have a media that holds the President accountable and is a bit hostile. But that’s not what we have. The mainstream Media is essentially the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and will carefully shape stories to fit their perspective.

I believe that many of them are so insulated from other views that they really, truly don’t realize it. Others are just disingenuous a-holes. I’m not quite sure where CNN’s “media watchdog” is on that spectrum, but I suspect it tilts toward disingenuous a-hole.

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Remember how serious “journalists” covered Obama:

Anyone who criticized Obama about anything was called racist.

Obama repeatedly lied to the American people–remember that whole “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” thing? It was a lie repeated over and over before Obama “broke the norms” and rammed through the Affordable Care Act. That’s just one example. There are so many others. Yet, he wasn’t asked about all of his lies in the same bold way that Dáte questioned President Trump.

The Obama presidency has been deemed “scandal-free” by the media. Just ignore the whole spying on the Trump administration thing…that’s not real.

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But you don’t even have to look to the former President, how about the current Democratic nominee. Biden is a known liar. Will Dáte ask Biden the same question about regrets?

Of course, that assumes that the Biden campaign allows reporters to ask questions. They currently don’t accept that kind of behavior from the media covering the campaign.

What’s astounding is that HuffPo’s Dáte is crowing about his genius question.

Five years? Doesn’t that timeline put that before President Trump took office?

The real entertainment is the parade of clowns that are calling themselves “journalists” these days.

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