Antifa Suspect Accused Of Stabbing Black Conservative In Portland Is Released On $250,000 Bail

Written by K. Walker on August 14, 2020

Clearly, something is VERY wrong in Portland.

The “protests” (ie. riots) have gone on for almost 80 nights. 

ClashDaily has reported on Antifa protesters harassing older women who dared disagree with them.

Antifa Tinkerpots In Portland Are Now Harassing Older Women (VIDEO)

But it’s not just older women–conservative journalists are targeted, too.

In July, Andrew Duncomb, a black Trump supporter who uses the handle Black Rebel on Twitter, found himself on the wrong end of a 7″ blade for the crime of being a conservative journalist in the midst of the Portland “protesters.”

Blake David Hampe, a convicted pedophile, was charged with second-degree felony assault for the July 25 stabbing of Duncomb, with bail set at $250,000.

Duncomb alleges that Hampe stalked him for several blocks before plunging a knife into his lower right flank just missing Duncomb’s spinal cord.

Here is Duncomb on Tucker Carlson’s show along with the graphic footage of his stabbing.


Hampe has now been released.

Duncomb tweeted out the info on Twitter on Thursday.


Journalist Andy Ngo suspects (but does not confirm) that a bail group called PDX Bail Fund which has raised over $1.3 million in a GoFundMe account paid Hampe’s bail.

The organization recently paid $22,000 to Zane’s Bail Fund and posted bail totalling over $50,000 on Tuesday, but the recipient is not yet revealed. The group lists a full spreadsheet of their financial assistance to defendants, including “appropriate court attire,” missed wages, and transit.

The campaign is headed by Katherine Belyea, who Ngo is suing in the Rose City Antifa lawsuit for last year’s violent assault on him in downtown Portland, leaving him with a brain bleed.

Duncomb questioned if the Portland Freedom Fund is responsible for bailing out Hampe, which ironically “only posts bail for Black, Brown and Indigenous folks.”

Source: The Post Millennial

Ngo, who has done some heavy lifting reporting on the leftwing militants in Portland, confirms that Hampe is an Antifa member.


Hampe is a pretty disgusting person. If you look into his child porn conviction, law enforcement officers found child porn on his laptop, but that’s not all they found.

…Hampe’s vehicle contained children’s toys and small sleeping bags although Hampe denied traveling with any children. Spencer referred Hampe to secondary inspection…

…In addition to the sleeping bags, children’s stickers, children’s underwear, children’s towels or blankets with super heroes printed on them and packages of trading cards. The officers also found 12 -15 condoms, a container of personal lubricant, a camera, a cell phone and an Apple laptop computer.

Source: U.S. District COurt Of Maine

So this guy, who is clearly both vile and violent, is now on the loose.

Portland is a mess.

Someone needs to step up and restore order.

We also need some accountability for these bail funds that are springing violent offenders because celeb leftwingers are pushing them to own Trump. What they’re really doing is sowing chaos into local communities.

Minnesota Non-Profit Raised $35 Million To Bail Out George Floyd Protesters–They’re Now Springing Rapists And Accused Murderers

There are so many law-abiding Americans that are being held hostage by the actions of a few radicals in their cities enabled by weak Democrat politicians.

This needs to end NOW.

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