WATCH: ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Mob Of ‘Over 100’ People Attacks Senator Rand Paul

Written by Wes Walker on August 28, 2020

At what point do we acknowledge that all of the praise and support these violent ‘protesters’ have only emboldened them to be more aggressive in their tactics?

The Constitution guarantees the right to peacefully assemble and protest.

Anarchists and domestic terrorists believe violence is a legitimate expression of their anger. Guess what category all of those ‘peaceful protesters’ we’ve been hearing so much about correctly belong to?

If you said the latter, congrats. You’re smarter than most of the professional and elected Democrats out there. Probably a LOT smarter, to be honest. I mean, just look at them.

This isn’t the first, or even the second time that Senator Paul has been on the receiving end of political violence.

You will remember that time he was attacked (blindsided) by his neighbor so savagely that he had to have part of his lung removed as one of the complications of his injuries.

You may NOT have remembered that he was present at the ball diamond on that day when Scalise was very nearly assassinated.

Rand Paul was confronted by a rowdy group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington, DC, early Friday after leaving the White House for the Republican National Convention.

Paul was walking to the Hotel Washington with his wife when a crowd descended upon him while shouting “Say Her Name” and “Breonna Taylor.”

The senator from Kentucky — where Taylor was fatally shot and killed by police — was being escorted by D.C.’s Metropolitan Police. —NYPost

Video of the exchange was captured and posted by DailyCaller

The protesters might want to revise that ‘say her name’ strategy. Her story isn’t quite so open-and-shut as even we at ClashDaily believed it to be.

See details here:

REPORT: Breonna Taylor ‘Extensive Ties’ To An Accused Drug Trafficker Arrested The SAME Night She Was Shot And Killed

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