WTF? Indiana High School Providing E-Learning Due To COVID Is Conducting A ‘Virtual Fire Drill’

Written by K. Walker on August 20, 2020

This may be the most colossally stupid thing in this entire coronavirus crisis.

The fearmongering over the spread of the coronavirus has made public officials make really, really dumb decisions.

One of those is keeping schools closed. This has been propped up by the fearmongering by teachers’ unions, leftwing leaders, and the Media(D) who have spread all sorts of disinformation 24/7 to terrify parents about the dangers of in-person schooling.

New York teachers were gathering together to protest the dangers of having schools reopen by dressing up as skeletons and toting coffins and guillotines.

Some have organized a protest called, “Dead Kids Can’t Learn, Dead Teachers Can’t Teach.”

In Nashville, teachers held a funeral procession and a die-in to protest reopening schools.

D.C. teachers lined up body bags to protest bringing kids back into classrooms.

No wonder parents are terrified.

Parents Are Told A School Employee Came Into Contact With COVID-19 — The Reaction Is Wild! (VIDEO)

Now, the longer that public schools keep their indoctrination centers closed is fine with me, but that’s not really practical, nor is it fair for kids who might get the virus, but aren’t in the high-risk bracket unless they have underlying conditions.

There has been a big shift to online learning, but that has had its own problems. It’s often criticized as a poor substitute of in-person learning and that the material covered is more to mark time than to educate children now that there is more scrutiny by parents.

Jason Hammer, co-host of the Hammer and Nigel Show on 93.1 WIBC in Indianapolis, shared a video of what Beach Grove High School was doing in their e-learning curriculum. Hammer’s son Christopher, who looked non-plussed in the clip, told his dad that there was a “virtual fire drill” scheduled.

JASON: Alright, got a little e-learning going on here today with Christopher Hammer. Alright–Christopher, a lot of people feel like e-learning is kinda silly, the programs aren’t as good as going to actual school. Please tell me what you are doing this morning.

CHRISTOPHER: (turning his screen to the camera showing an image of the layout of the school building) Today we have a virtual fire drill where they are showing us where to walk out of the building that we are not in right now in case that building catches fire.

JASON: So, let me make sure that I’ve got this perfectly straight here, ’cause I want to make sure that everyone is on the up-and-up. This is a virtual fire drill. So, in case the building that you are not in catches on fire, you here at home will know exactly what to do.


Jason then asks his son to show the screen one more time and ends by saying, “Virtual fire drill, ladies and gentlemen!”


Well, it’s too bad that leftists “canceled” the Schwarzenegger flick, Kindergarten Cop–they could’ve learned a thing or two…like it helps if you’re actually in the building.

One commenter on Hammer’s video had a hilarious take.

Hammer’s show is described as taking “a satirical look at politics, sports, news and all things Indiana.”

So, he might be joking.

But then, e-learning is so ridiculous that a “virtual fire drill” is not beyond the realm of possibility.

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