Biden Refuses To Answer Questions About Packing The Supreme Court And Won’t Release His SCOTUS Nominee List (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on September 22, 2020

In recent years, Supreme Court appointments have been a very big election issue, so why is Biden refusing to answer basic questions about how a Biden administration could change the Supreme Court?

Democrats have been all over the map with their attacks on the Republicans and the alleged “violations of norms” by pushing for the nomination of a replacement justice to the Supreme Court now that there is a vacancy–even though not nominating someone would be a violation of the norms.

Meanwhile, the nutters in Democratic leadership have been baldly partisan in their commitment to destroy norms by ditching the filibuster, packing the court, impeaching the President or Attorney General Bill Barr in their childish tantrum because RBG didn’t die during a Democrat administration. It’s cold, callous, and honestly, quite disprespectful of how RBG lived her life. 

Here are Chuck Schumer and AOC saying that “everything is on the table” if they don’t get their way.

The Democratic Nominee, who won the nomination because he ran as the “moderate” candidate, isn’t tamping down any of the hysteria.

Several prominent Democrats–Rep. Jerry Nadler(D-NY), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(D-NY), Senator Ed Markey(D-MA), and Senator Maisie Hirono(D-HI)–have been pretty outspoken about their plan to pack the Supreme Court if President Trump puts forward a nominee.

When he was asked about this, he refused to answer if a Biden administration would agree with that move.

Biden was also asked about his list of potential Supreme Court nominees and he flat-out refused. He said that it would be “inappropriate” for him to name the list.

When pushed, he said that this was a “distraction” by Trump to change the subject. He added that voters will know in plenty of time. How’s that going to work if Joe won’t release the list?

Clearly, Joe doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

It’s likely that his team hasn’t let him know who is on Kamala’s–er, Joe’s list.

He also claims that President Trump only called for Biden to release a SCOTUS list after RBG passed away. That’s not true. President Trump said that Biden should release the list after he made some additions to his own list a week prior to Ginsburg’s death.

Voters believe that the Supreme Court is really, really important, so why is Joe Biden keeping his thoughts a secret?

President Trump has a theory:

The progressive left has been pretty darned clear–they believe that they can control Joe Biden and push him. AOC said as much. She’s also called for leftists to “radicalize.” 

Here’s my hot take: a SCOTUS justice shouldn’t matter this much. It’s become a partisan thing because leftists in academia have reinterpreted the Constitution to be a “living” document with all sorts of rights that the Founders had never imagined possible hidden in the “penumbrae” and “emanations.” If we had justices that interpreted the law in the light of the Constitution as it was written this wouldn’t be a massive issue. The thing is, the Left has relied on the courts to legislate from the bench instead of doing the hard work of doing things the right way through the legislature with the will of the people. They’re not willing to give that up without a fight.

Get ready–it’s gonna be a rowdy one!

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