Biden Vs. Biden: Joe Called For A National Mask Mandate, Then Denied It–His New Ad Is For It Again

Written by K. Walker on September 8, 2020

Is this the ultimate flip-flop, or did Joe just forget what his position currently is?

Former Vice President Joe Bide has been openly critical of President Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning. One of the things that he said that he would have done differently is that he would institute a national mask mandate and would do so if he becomes President. He has said this on numerous occasions, and despite the clear overreach of this move, he’s had very little push-back from the press until recently.

During their first joint presser in August, Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, discussed the coronavirus and made another appeal for a national mask mandate. He said that every American should be wearing a mask outside “for the next three months at least.”

Biden said that it would “expodentially” reduce the spread of the virus…or something like that. It’s difficult to tell what he’s saying half of the time.


Democrats and the Presstitutes in the Media(D) spun this by claiming that Biden and Harris were not saying that they’d institute a national mask mandate–which they clearly did–but that they’d “call on governors” to order state mandates. (Did you hear either of the words “state” or “governor” there?)

On September 2, a reporter had the chutzpah (or perhaps it was simply the opportunity) to actually question Joe on his call for a national mask. Biden backpedaled and said that he wouldn’t institute a federal mandate on mask-wearing because he’s “a constitutionalist” and there “is some question on whether a President, under the Constitution could mandate everyone wear a mask.” He said that he would pressure governors, mayors, and local officials to mandate masks.

Does anyone actually believe that Joe Biden is a constitutionalist? When has he defended the Constitution?

Breitbart News reported the flip-flop this way:

During his nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention two weeks ago, Biden was unequivocal: There would be a federal mask mandate.

“We’ll have a national mandate to wear a mask,” he said.

Biden was similarly unambiguous the week prior.

“Let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide,” he said.

“Every single American should be wearing a mask when they are outside for the next three months at a minimum,” Biden said.

He did not specify any age group that may be exempt.

Source: Breitbart

A new Biden ad that was put on Joe’s YouTube page on September 3 seems to again be calling for a federal mask mandate.

In the ad, Joe says, “We’ll have a national mandate to wear a mask–not as a burden, but as a patriotic duty to protect one another. In short, we’ll do what we should have done from the very beginning.”

He’s Joe Biden and he approved this message.

He’s Joe Biden and he’s clearly not a constitutionalist.

This isn’t the only flip-flop that Joe has made recently. Besides all of his back-tracking on the 1994 crime bill and his concerns about a “racial jungle,” he’s also flip-flopped on fracking and whether black voters cast their ballots based on their race.

Biden can’t even keep his thoughts straight on whether or not he would or could mandate masks as President and we have millions of people in America that want to give this guy the nuclear codes.


Many Democrats think that there’s something wrong with Joe.

UH-OH, JOE! 1-In-5 Democrats Think That Biden Is Suffering From Dementia–And Most ‘Likely Voters’ Agree

On Labor Day, President Trump had a presser and discussed the worrying rise of China and their increased global influence and noted that China has been “taking advantage of stupid people” for years and said that “Biden is a stupid person.”

The President is right again. Joe Biden is a lot of things but smart is not one of them.


How does anyone take this guy seriously?!

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