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GUTLESS: Top Airline Bends Knee To BLM — Here Comes The Backlash

Their slogan is ‘The New American is arriving’. Question is, will anyone welcome this ‘New’ American when it arrives?

Aligning yourself with a group that is explicitly Marxist and anti-family seems a short-sighted decision on the part of a company that gets so much of its money through moving business passengers and families taking vacations.

American Airlines has picked a side with the rise of BLM. They probably weren’t expecting it would come at a cost.

Politics in 2020 has been full of polarizing choices. It’s gone way past Republican versus Democrat. Activists are deliberately trying to inflame our divisions and worst instincts for personal and political gain.

The tactics of thuggery aren’t just showing up on the streets where fireworks and (frozen) water bottles, and Molotov Cocktails are becoming the tool an organized and well-funded mob uses to throw their weight around on individuals, businesses, and culture.

Intimidation tactics are being used at the corporate level, too. If you don’t throw money and support behind the BLM cause (which of course, they use to further inflame these tensions), you are tagged as a bigot, and could face the wrath of organized boycotts.

It’s easier to pay the Dane-geld than it is to stand against

American Airlines is facing backlash among workers after allowing its cabin crew to wear Black Lives Matter pins on their uniforms while on duty.

The nation’s largest commercial jet carrier announced on Sunday that it would be introducing the new policy across its fleet.

But it has already run into fierce opposition among staff with some saying they are ‘completely disgusted’ at the move and claiming that the BLM movement is divisive, promotes violence and is anti-police.

Reaction to the decision has sparked fierce debate online with some passengers even calling for a boycott of the airline.

Maybe they should have polled their staff and passengers before rushing ahead half-cocked.
Here is a short sampling:

Wes Walker

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