BIG CLAIM: Durham Investigation Into Clinton Foundation Is Now A Criminal Probe

Written by Wes Walker on September 26, 2020

Although there has been a great deal of speculation in the Durham case, there have been precious few clues as to what, if anything, will come of this probe.

All we know for certain is that Durham has told us that his investigation officially became a criminal probe.

As to who will or will not be ‘taken down’, that’s the fodder for endless debate and speculation.

But in his interview with Newsmax, George Papadopoulos threw a new variable into the mix.

Could the long-held allegations of pay-for-play between Russia and the Clinton Foundation have finally caught up with them?

If George has any reliable sources, then that’s exactly what’s being served up by the Durham Report. And if the Clintons have no favors to call in, chips to bargain with, or threats to utter to make this ‘go away’, their Teflon luck might finally run out.


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