WATCH: Charles Barkley Pushes Back On The BLM Narrative Surrounding Breonna Taylor Case

Written by Wes Walker on September 26, 2020

If you truly care about justice, everything hinges on the facts of the case. Never confuse your assumptions and biases, and ‘righteous’ indignation for actual justice.

The overheated rhetoric of politicians, activists, celebrities, and lawyers (and those lines are certainly blurred) makes it hard to see through the ‘fog of war’ that accompanies such politically charged cases as the death of Breonna Taylor.

But the facts matter. And cooler heads are supposed to prevail.

Cooler heads like the ones in the Grand Jury decision are the cooler heads our system provides. They are regular citizens who look at the entirety of the evidence weighed against someone (with no defense lawyers present to challenge any accusations) and decide whether there is strong enough evidence to warrant charges and a trial.

This is a detail everyone scapegoating and slamming the Kentucky AG with all sorts of racial epithets conveniently forgets.

The relevant facts.

Police did not us a no-knock entry. They announced themselves first. Witnesses corroborated this.

Police did NOT shoot first. Police only returned fire after first being fired upon.

Everything that followed hangs on those details.

At a different point during the NBA show on TNT, Barkley also railed on those who were pushing the “defund the police” movement.

“We have to really be careful on these, you know, I hear these fools on TV talking about ‘defund the police’ and things like that,” Barkley said. “We need police reform and prison reform and things like that because you know who ain’t going to defund the cops? White neighborhoods and rich neighborhoods.”

“So, that notion they keep saying that, I’m like wait a minute, we’re just going [sic], who are black people supposed to call, Ghostbusters, when we have crime in our neighborhoods?” Barkley continued. “We need police reform, but like I said, white people and especially rich white people, they’re always going to have cops. So, we need to stop that defund and abolish the cops crap.” —DailyWire

Barkley has the stones to point these hard truths out when his other Basketball colleagues would rather join the ambulance-chasing lawyer and further inflame the mobs.

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