BLM ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Protester Climbs On Police Cruiser–That Was A BAD Idea (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on September 15, 2020

Black Lives Matter supporters–some with Biden/Harris signs–decided it was a good idea to stand in the road and block traffic to protest President Trump’s visit to California.

It would seem that people are now taking the sarcastic phrase, “go play in traffic” literally and are getting very upset when bad things happen.

A number of anti-Trumpers were “protesting” on the road and surrounded a California Highway Patrol car as the officer was driving forward with his siren and lights flashing.

One genius decided to try to stop the car by climbing on it.

Watch what happens:

CHP: 1, Protester: 0.

The media was actually trying to paint the dude on the car as a victim.


It seems to me that it’s the people blocking the road and specifically the idiot climbing on the car that is the problem here.

The entitled little punk figured that he could stop the police car because of the power of his protest. Yeah…that’s not how this works.

One guy on Twitter posted a slowed-down version of the video and shows exactly what happened.

Remember, kiddies–these are Biden voters.

Meme makers couldn’t resist mocking this car-climbing moron.

This is what happens when you give an entire generation participation trophies and excuse their overt rebellion against all forms of authority.

We need to fix our culture urgently.


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