With Three Muslim Nations Signing Peace Deals… Will Dems FINALLY Admit Trump Doesn’t Hate Muslims?

Written by Wes Walker on September 15, 2020

He has been very clear from the beginning, Trump doesn’t have a problem with immigration. He has a problem with violent criminals coming in and wreaking havoc.

It doesn’t matter if the threat is gang members or religious extremists, he has always wanted to screen out ‘the bad ones’.

Now that Trump’s administration has helped facilitate several peace deals in the Middle East, each including Israel, can we finally put that stupid attack of Trump being ‘anti-Muslim’ to rest?

Not only did he get a tentative deal between Israel and Palestine — we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of that one — but he’s gotten some others as well.

Israel and UAE.
Kosovo and Serbia.
Israel and Bahrain.

Which, in turn, created a very interesting moment in history:

On top of all that, Saudi Arabia has just opened their airspace to Jewish airlines.

Trump has just received not one, but TWO Peace Price nominations for these results.

Of note, each of those deals mentioned includes some level of a warming of relations between Israel and a Muslim neighbor. The Democrats are busy looking for a dark cloud to attach to this silver lining, to be sure, but this is to be celebrated.

Blessed are the Peacemakers, as it was once famously said in that part of the world.

Let’s keep this achievement mind the next time the Democrats try to trot out the ‘he hates Muslims’ card.

No. It would be more accurate to say Trump doesn’t much like rogue regimes, like the one currently running Iran into the ground. He would be perfectly willing to work with the Iranian people.

He also doesn’t have a lot of trust for the vetting systems of failed states, including countries from the very same list of that Obama’s administration had travel bans for… plus Venezuela.

If it were a ‘Muslim Ban’, like Ilhan Omar and Joe Biden claim, then the judges would have struck it down. They did NOT strike it down, so it must not be a Muslim ban. That’s how logic works, Joe. You should try it some time.

If they were lying about that what ELSE could they be lying about?

Quite a lot, actually.

In fact, the majority of the accusations against him are based on some kind of a bulls**t assertion that is easily disproven — if anyone actually cares to fact-check them.

Unfortunately, there’s not much appetite for fact-checking Biden in our current environment of ‘OrangeManBad’.