BLOW-OUT GATE: Pelosi Doubles-Down Says That She Was ‘Set Up’ By Salon Owner

Written by Wes Walker on September 3, 2020

Nancy Pelosi was publicly embarrassed for her hypocrisy, she did what she does best — lash out at and destroy the ‘little person’ who embarrassed her.

Because being a Democrat means never having to say “I was wrong”.

Pelosi’s non-apology threw a small-business owner (and single mom) under the bus, claiming she was ‘set up’ by the owner.

Rephrased, she is saying, ‘I’m sorry I unwittingly fell into a trap some malicious political operative set for me.’

News flash, Nancy: when you use the phrase ‘I’m sorry’ to attack someone else and dodge any responsibility, that’s not an apology any more than Hillary’s ‘I short-circuited’ excuse was.

By way of an example, I could easily say “I’m sorry Pelosi is stupid and corrupt.” But that is not the same as taking ownership of any specific decision or action on my part.

With the non-apology out of the way

Let’s quickly recap what happened.

Pelosi had an appearance (‘a hit’ in industry parlance) on MSNBC.

Her assistant set up a hair appointment in San Francisco.

Like so many others, the stylist rents the use of a chair in a local salon. Salons are currently permitted to do their work outside, but not indoors.

Pelosi went indoors for a wash and a ‘blow-out’. (With a hair dryer.)

Security footage (which has been there for years) shows her walking around INSIDE the store WITHOUT a mask.

Yes, the same woman who constantly ­accuses President Trump of ­denying science really didn’t know that she was supposed to wear a mask indoors around others, even though the others in the salon had on masks. Unless she has been hibernating in a cave, she like everyone else in the country has heard “wear a mask” approximately 200,000 times a day.

…As for the mask question, ­Pelosi shot back: “I just had my hair washed. I don’t wear a mask when I’m washing my hair. Do you wear a mask when you’re washing your hair?” Luckily, thousands of Twitter users were on hand to reply: Yes, we do. I’ve had my own hair washed at a salon, and guess what? I had to wear a mask for the wash, too.

Gall, as I say, gall.

Of course Pelosi knew salons were closed. Of course her staff knew that she was breaking the rules, including the otherwise sacred mask diktats.

Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, shared a letter from the stylist’s lawyer also claiming that Speaker Pelosi was “set up” by the salon owner.

Here is the shop owner setting the record straight on Tucker Carlson’s show.

We have no idea what this shop owner’s political affiliations are. And really, we don’t care. She isn’t a political person. She is a person. And she’s trying to make a living in the real world despite the government’s best efforts to make that impossible.

Pelosi — who squawked like hell when the GOVERNMENT was shut down for a couple of days, knowing full well they’d get their full back pay — is quite happy to put a Government boot on the neck of the Private Sector in the name of COVID.

Pelosi rushed to pass emergency funding of the Post Office (even though they were flush with cash) while holding stimulus funding to small businesses like this one hostage.

What does Pelosi care? She’s got a freezer full of ice cream worth more than most hairdressers have been able earn since the Chinavirus came to town.

As for her complaint that she didn’t know that masks are necessary? Let’s hear her own damning public statements about how evil anyone who doesn’t wear masks in public is.

This from a woman who was pushing to mandate outdoor mask-wearing.

Predictably, the Democrat dogs came out to ‘avenge’ their beloved Nancy, as Ms. Kious explains in her interview.