Texas Supreme Court Issues Initial Ruling To Ensure Voter Integrity

Published on September 3, 2020

Score another win for the voting public in Texas, where the courts will not make it easy for Democrats to muddy the election results with a flood of unrequested ballots.

Houston, Texas – Today, Wednesday, September 2, 2020, the Texas Supreme Court granted the plaintiffs their emergency motion for temporary relief in the case IN RE STEVEN F. HOTZE MD ET AL. Dr. Hotze’s petition for Writ of Mandamus remains pending before the Court. Houston attorney Jared Woodfill filed the Petition for Writ of Mandamus on behalf of Dr. Hotze.

The Texas Supreme Court ordered Harris County Clerk, Chris Hollins, to refrain from sending early applications to vote by mail to registered voters under the age of 65 who have not requested them, pending a ruling in the Harris County State District Court, Texas v. Hollins.

The Texas Election Code, Section 273.061, gives the Texas Supreme Court original jurisdiction to issue a Writ of Mandamus “to compel the performance of any duty imposed by law in connection with the holding of an election.”

Hollins has written and stated that he intends to send applications to vote by mail to all registered voters in Harris County, regardless of whether the voter requested the application or meets the Legislature’s test for eligibility to do so. This violates the Texas Election Code that requires the voter to request the application for ballot by mail.

Dr. Hotze stated, “This is a great initial decision by the Texas Supreme Court. I am confident that the Court wants to do everything in its power to ensure election integrity. Only when the Court ultimately grants my petition for a Writ of Mandamus to prevent Harris County Clerk, Chris Hollins, from mailing Harris County voters an application for ballot by mail, will we avoid massive voter fraud by the Democrats. Harvesting ballots is a known tactic that the Democrats have used in the past to their benefit.”

Dr. Hotze further stated that, “Chris Hollins is a former Chairman of the Finance Committee of the State Democrat Party, and a Marxist Socialist. He was appointed to his current position by the Socialist Democrat dominated Harris County Commissioner’s Court. Left to his own wiles, he would attempt to use mail in ballots as a way to steal the election for the Socialist Democrats.”

In closing, Dr. Hotze stated, “Harris County is the epicenter of the Presidential Election. As goes Harris County, so goes Texas. As goes Texas, so goes the United States. As goes the United States, so goes the world.”

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