CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Says The Trump Admin ‘Could Have Saved 80 To 90 Percent’ Of COVID Deaths–We Call B.S.

Written by K. Walker on September 19, 2020

This bro has zero–and we mean ZERO–credibility on COVID-19.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s medical expert, has been all over the map since January, and now he’s actually gaslighting people into thinking that we knew more about a brand new virus right from the outset.

On Friday, Dr. Gupta appeared on CNN’s New Day with Alysin Camerota and John Berman and made an absolutely ridiculous claim 9 months into this pandemic–he said that a “source” told him that the vast majority of lives could have been saved if only the advice given to the administration had been heeded.

GUPTA: A source told me last night that there have been so many people who have known the right thing to do, have sounded the alarm on this going back to the middle of February talking about the fact that this virus could be spread asymptomatically and that everything needed to change as a result. This is what my source said, every step along the way, this guidance–that could have saved 80 to 90 percent of people who have died could have been saved if this guidance had been abided by. Every step of the way, that guidance had been buried, then minimized, then ignored, and now ridiculed. That’s what’s happening. It’s not that hard. The guidance was not that challenging. It could have been done. But it was buried, minimized, ignored, and now ridiculed. So, here we are, as we go into flu season and still in the same position. Everyone is counting on the vaccine. Everybody wants the home-run hit, but even if we get the vaccine, it’s going to take time to people vaccinated and protected. We still have to do these other basic health measures for some time to come and we’re still not.

I have so many questions here…

  • What advice did the Trump administration allegedly disregard?
  • Was that advice an infringement on people’s rights?
  • Would it have caused massive panic?
  • Would people have seen it as overreach when we didn’t know as much about the virus?

Let’s back up to what Camerota said just before that…she was reporting on a WaPo story about internal USPS emails that discussed distributing 650 million masks to Americans across the country back in March and April. The plan was scrapped and Serious Journalist™ Alysin Camerota cannot understand how that could possibly happen.

So…what could have been going on back then? Could it have been a global shortage of masks and personal protective equipment because China was hoarding it?

China Was Buying Up Global Stock Of Medical Gear Weeks BEFORE Admitting Coronavirus Was An Epidemic

It’s not like the CDC would recommend just using some random piece of cloth to cover your face. An earlier study showed that cloth masks aren’t effective.

REPORT: 2015 Study Of Cloth Masks Reveals That They Aren’t Very Effective

Also, the widespread use of masks wasn’t something that even Saint Fauci was ready to sign onto due to the mask shortage. Not only that, there was some question about the efficacy of masks and the “false sense of security” they could provide within the medical community. It was hardly “settled science.”

Here’s an ABC News report from April 1:

As for his claim that 80 to 90 percent of people “would not have died” is ludicrous on its face. Does that include the people who died in nursing homes in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? That wasn’t the Trump administration’s fault.

But also claiming that people “knew from the beginning” what the facts were is asinine.

Here is Dr. Gupta talking about the novel coronavirus in January. He was asking about the “aggressive” lockdowns in China. He didn’t mention quarantining the people who returned from China back in late January.

In April, Dr. Gupta said that the flu was more deadly.

Also back in April, Dr. Gupta said that “all models are wrong, but some are useful” and asks about the numbers–the ones that were looking pretty catastrophic at the time.

Here is Dr. Gupta shocked at the 100,000 deaths, many of which he said were “preventable.” He’s not wrong there, but that’s on those 4 governors who put COVID-positive patients into nursing homes and didn’t bother to use the facilities that the federal government provided. (As an added bonus, CNN’s idiot glory-boy, Jim Acosta, makes an appearance spouting off conspiracy theories at the end.)

Here is Dr. Gupta in July saying, “Nobody knew everything from the very start, including Dr. Fauci.”

On The Lead with Jake Tapper, he suggested that the death rate could be as high as 300,000.

Here he talks about the mask mandates and says that the “science is settled” on masks (where have I heard that phrase before) and that masks made a “huge difference.”

Not everyone agrees, Doc.

Dutch Medical Experts Have Said That Masks Don’t Stop The Spread Of COVID

Riddle me this, Dr. Gupta–why has Hawaii seen an uptick in COVID cases even though they’ve had a mask mandate which included wearing masks outdoors since April?

Seems like those homemade masks aren’t really that effective.

Here are the facts:

  • The “experts” didn’t know everything back in January.
  • There was no consensus on masks.
  • There are real questions if extended lockdown orders are an infringement of rights.

We’ve already seen that some of these orders have been struck down.

BOOM! Federal Court Rules PA Governor Wolf’s COVID Lockdown Measures ‘Unconstitutional’

Then again, how do you take Dr. Gupta seriously when he agreed to be on a CNN town hall event about COVID which included teen climate activist, Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg Listed As One Of CNN’s ‘Experts’ For Coronavirus Townhall–No, This Is Not Satire

Yeah, he’s one of those clowns who has sold his credibility for a gig on CNN.

Congrats, Doc! Hope the paycheck was worth it.

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