Dispatch Audio And Photo Of Injured Deputies Put Human Faces On The Victims Of Cop Ambush

Written by Wes Walker on September 15, 2020

We live in a world where ‘cops’ have been reduced to an idea, an abstraction. Stripped of their individual humanity, critics are free to demonize them. Moments like this shine a light on their humanity and courage.

We all saw that horrific clip where some unknown punk blindsided two police deputies sitting quietly in their squad car providing security at a train station.

The epitome of gutless, this criminal loser fired a hail of bullets at two people who didn’t even see him coming and then took off running before they could react.

Supposed ‘activists’ and ‘community organizers’ have given their fawning approval of this domestic terrorist, openly hoping these cops die, and that others die also.

Let’s not forget that these aren’t digital villains in some twisted video game or realistic robots who can be repaired and redeployed like in Westworld. These are people. The lady cop, whose name is not being released, has a six-year-old son.

They sustain real injuries. Show this photo the next time someone yells ‘remember their names’.

These two deputies have only been in active duty for 14 months. There is no known evidence that they have harmed a single person, or stepped out of line even one time. None of that mattered.

The female deputy showed great courage and radioed for help despite the wound to her jaw… saving both of their lives.

Reports are that after radioing in, they took cover and tended to one another’s wounds.

The gutless assailant wasn’t killing a mother and her partner. He saw blue and a badge. That was all the justification he needed. It was an attempt at assassinating the occupants, just like some other oxygen burglar did with Officer Miosotis Familia of NYC.

This loser was acting out the hatred typified of the rantings of ‘influencers’ like Colin Kaepernick and his ‘pig socks’, or Shaun ‘Talcum X’ King who has recently called for the doxing of cops private information so that they could be the targets of mob outrage.

Or elected Democrats who have ran interference for Antifa, collected bail money for rioters, Demonized Federal Law enforcement (including calling them ‘thugs’ and ‘Gestapo’), make slanderous accusations against ICE while remaining silent when ICE was attacked by provocateurs, and have actively promoted the Marxist movement that wraps itself in the mantle of racial justice while pushing an agenda of political agitation.

The Democrats let this cancer fester, and have even encouraged it.

Another Leftist thought he had justification to assassinate Republicans over policy differences, and — were it not for other brave law enforcement agents — Scalia would have paid for that thinking with his life. Even with their protection, it was a near-run thing.

This is a pattern that the Left needs to be held accountable for.

They can pretend all day long that the division and rhetoric is on our side. But the wounded and murdered victims of leftist rage are adding up. And one way or another, at some point, the bill will come due.

In the end, if the Left fails to voluntarily purge the cancer growing in their midst, the price we all pay can only be that much steeper.

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