WATCH: BLM ‘Community Organizer’ & Consultant To Woke Mayor Openly Cheers Killing Of Cops

Written by Wes Walker on September 15, 2020

What happens when you let incendiary and revolutionary Marxist ideology take root? It takes expression in forms like this one. Human lives can be sacrificed for ‘the cause’.

Kevin Wharton Price, for instance, has drunk deeply of that poisonous ideology and sees a world in a narrative and racial binary of ‘oppressed’ and ‘oppressor’.

He has openly embraced the approach of ‘by any means necessary’, which dehumanizes the ‘enemy’ and justifies any heinous and malicious act taken in the name of his cause. This kind of violence is the ultimate endgame of any Marxist us-and-them ideology. Violent uprising is a feature, not a bug of that philosophy. And so, it should come as no surprise that the founders of BLM are, themselves, openly Marxist.

In this instance, ‘the cause’ that justifies any actions even includes murdering strangers in cold blood, as we can see in this video where a ‘community organizer’ who claims to be representing the interests of his racial group cheers the attempted killing of two cops. He also joins the group that calls for more such action.

Outside of the hospital, a group of protesters gathered and tried entering, but were denied access. One of the protesters, Kevin Wharton Price, praised the shootings of the officers in another video on Facebook, which is still available even after being reported multiple times.

Once arriving at the hospital, the group can be seen and heard taunting police who are off in the distance. They yell things like “We hope they die” to the officers and “Y’all are gonna die one by one”, prompting them to come over in an effort to control the crowd.

This kind of ‘eye for an eye’ talk is not the proper way to seek any type of justice that they’re looking for. It only helps to shine yourselves in a bad light, having more people against you than ever. —ConcealedNation

Until 5 minutes ago, the name for such calls to violence would be ‘domestic terrorism’. Now the ‘free press’ calls it ‘mostly peaceful protests’ or — in other instances — BLM activism.

Tucker has the key takeaways in his clip.

But, lest you think we’re cherry-picking and showing his ideas out of context, this video shows the bile he’s spewing in its entirety.

If some guy in a white supremacist movement openly cheered murder in the same way this douchebag has, he’d be getting a knock on the door from the Feds. But this guy is well-connected to some very powerful Democrats with very deep pockets.

Don’t expect him to be paying any price at all for his actions.

Just remember when you vote — in whatever state you vote in — that Bernie Sanders promised the fight for the soul of the Democrat party would begin on the day after they and their centrist and NeverTrump patsies hypothetically deliver the Presidency to Joe Biden.

And you can be sure, THIS is the unmasked face of the activists who are most likely to take control in a showdown between the centrists and the activist left.

Choose wisely.