Far-Left Lunatics Come Out In Force now That Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Passed Away

Written by Wes Walker on September 20, 2020

When Anton Scalia died, the right took it hard. And we had opinions about the next appointment. But we were never reduced to quivering heaps of screaming rage. The Left, meanwhile…

We’re getting to see how completely untethered from reality the Left is becoming now that there’s a chance for Originalist judges to have a slight numerical edge for the first time in … well… decades.

The Left sees their power-base slipping away and are losing their ever-loving minds.

The ‘Notorious RBG’ was just one embodiment of exactly that.

What are we seeing in response?

We’re seeing stories like these:

Which, when combined with another clip we featured earlier sums up the left’s entire movement so succinctly:

That original seed planted on inauguration day…

… has in the intervening years, sprouted and borne fruit.

It’s full-on psycho:

And they want us dead because we stand in the way of their political utopian dreams.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them with political power?